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January 27, 2016

Sergio Garcia

Doha, Qatar

Q. Is it a day that you're pleased with or one that you feel should have been better?
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, I feel like I should have done better. Obviously first round of the year, but I felt like I probably turned a 68 or 67 into a 70. It's unfortunate.

But with the high winds that we have on the forecast, obviously the greens are a little bit slower to make sure the ball doesn't move, and these greens are a little bit grainy already. So it's not easy to hit some of the spots and into the grain, they are quite tough. They don't roll as true as you would like to but it is what it is.

Q. Talking of strong winds, today was the good day apparently and it's going to be much stronger going forward, 20-, 30-mile-an-hour; is that something that you relish or something that makes you close the curtains and go back to bed?
SERGIO GARCIA: I've always enjoyed the wind but to a certain extent. Obviously when if it becomes a little bit more of a guessing game, it's a little bit tougher when the ball is kind of oscillating on the greens and sometimes you have to hit putts that are maybe left edge and you're hitting it maybe like a ball right because of the wind, things like that.

It's a little bit tougher. But hopefully it doesn't get to that extent. Hopefully it's windy but it's still playable. It will be tough but you know, we'll see what we can do.

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