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January 26, 2016

Sergio Garcia

Doha, Qatar

SARAH GWYNN: Sergio, thank you very much for joining us here at the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters again. First appearance on The European Tour this season. Just sum up how you're feeling ahead of the week.

SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, no, I'm excited about it. I've obviously always enjoyed coming back here to Qatar to the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters. The course is good. Obviously it's getting windy. It's supposed to get even windier. So it's not going to be easy but course looks in very, very good shape and you know, it's always a good week to start my year. So I'm obviously looking forward to it.

SARAH GWYNN: You do have a really good record here at this golf club. What's the reason for that, do you think?

SERGIO GARCIA: Just I guess I feel quite comfortable on the golf course. It kind of caught my eye the first time I played it and I played it pretty much every year since. So I obviously like what I see out there, and when you can play on one of those courses that you feel comfortable, usually you seem to do fairly well.

Q. You're playing with Matt Fitzpatrick the first couple of rounds. Do you think he's a chance for a Ryder Cup this year, and do you think there will be a few new faces on The Ryder Cup Team?
SERGIO GARCIA: He obviously has a good chance of making the team. He's been playing very well, and he's got a lot of potential. Obviously played with him in Thailand, I think it was, last year, at the end of last year.

Yeah, he looks like the kind of player that could definitely make the team, the odds are definitely looking good. Yeah, I would probably expect to see at least four or five new faces. That's the way it looks at the moment. You never know as the year goes by. But at the moment it looks like there's probably at least four, three -- between three and five young guys that could be on that team in September.

Q. There's just been a lot of scandals in various other sports been reported in the last few months, weeks. Do you think golf is protected from any similar-types of scandals that have affected various other sports -- tennis, cricket, football?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, I think so. I mean, you never know what everybody else is doing, but obviously when it comes down to me, I've never really been on any sport, I'm not really a betting man, not even football or tennis or any other sport. I obviously haven't done it in golf either. I guess there's always funny people around, you find it anywhere. But hopefully we won't have any of those problems.

I think the image of golf has always been very good with those things, and so hopefully it will be fine. But when it comes down to, there's so much money involved, there's always people betting and stuff but hopefully it will be fine.

Q. Louis mentioned that the emergence of these young guys, I'm sure you watched Abu Dhabi last week, it gives him a bit of extra motivation. Does it give you the same feeling; does it give you an added appetite going into the season?
SERGIO GARCIA: No, my appetite is the same. Obviously it's nice to see a lot of these young guys playing and playing well, because that means that the future of the game, it's in good hands. But you know, my appetite is still the same. Obviously I love playing golf, I enjoy every minute of it, and I try to push myself to become better every year, better and more consistent. That obviously hasn't changed.

SARAH GWYNN: Thank you, Sergio.

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