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November 21, 2015

Danny Willett

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. After a quiet day yesterday, how proud are you of what you achieved today?
DANNY WILLETT: It was good. Started very similar to how yesterday was really, pretty stale the front nine. Then missed a couple on the back nine still but finished really strong to put us right back in there somewhere near.

Q. Is it win or bust, or do you go cagey in the front nine, see what's happening with Rory tomorrow?
DANNY WILLETT: I don't think you're going to see him come backwards. No, I think you need to get somewhere near 17. Just going to go AND see how things are, obviously depending on the weather, windy or calm and see what the day gives us.

Q. Plenty left in the tank for the final day?
DANNY WILLETT: I thought yesterday and today were going to be the toughest ones. Obviously playing with Rory the first day, everything was a bit more of a buzz in the last group and working our way towards the back end of the field today which is nice. So hopefully a late tee time tomorrow and try and do something good.

Q. Your enthusiasm is the thing that always attracts, as well as your talent, but the way you play the game, busy; do you ever have to curb that?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, a couple of people told me to try to.

Q. I'm not telling you to do that.
DANNY WILLETT: Try to maybe curb the language and curb that, but it's a passionate game. There's a lot on the line and unfortunately every now and again (laughing) a couple expletives slip out. But I guess my heart's my sleeve and you can tell if I'm playing good or bad. Hopefully my chest is out and I'm playing quite well.

But unfortunately if people catch me on a bad day, they might hear a few things they have not quite heard before. It's a passionate game and it's all good when things are going well.

Q. You have your target; you've named your number.
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, I think that's kind of where you're looking. It's one of them where you just try and play and see what it gives you. Some days it gives you 72. Some days it gives you 62. Anywhere in and around that number is going to be winning.

Q. Exactly what the doctor ordered today?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it was a good day. Pretty stale-ish on the greens again. One pretty nice 40-footer for the eagle, 15. But apart from that, it was hitting a lot of good golf shots and not quite getting much out of it.

But kept digging in, and obviously looking at the leaderboard to see what was going on and knowing that people were going good and shooting low scores, actually probably helped to give us a little bit of a kick up the rear, and yeah, finished really good.

The eagle, hit two nice shots into the par 5 and had a 5-footer and missed a few of them today. It was a little bit of a nervy one today and knocked it on there and boxed a long one, from nowhere really, getting right back in the mix was nice and good at the last.

Q. Presumably with the knowledge of how you've finished off tournaments of late, this gives you all the positivity you need into the final day?
DANNY WILLETT: I said at the beginning of the week, somewhere there or thereabouts with nine holes to go on Sunday and luckily it looks like we're not going to be a ridiculous way behind. If you can keep it to two or three shots, anything can happen.

Q. You said you were looking at other scores. Any particular scores that you were looking for?
DANNY WILLETT: I was only to see Rory, how he's getting on. He was on the leaderboard early, so just interesting to see how he was getting on and how Sully was coping with people coming at him. I think between them two, it's going to be 14, 15, maybe even 16 today, depends on how they go on the last few holes.

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