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November 19, 2015

Danny Willett

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. What are your thoughts on a good round to start?
DANNY WILLETT: Well, I'm pleased with the way I got off to a bogey-free start. The last nine was playing quite hard. No breeze but it was warm out there.

Q. What are your thoughts on a 4-under to start?
DANNY WILLETT: Very good. Again, still quite a short week, obviously flying in from China, trying to get your body back on the right time. Had a good couple of days practice but still would like one more. Yeah, went out there and played some pretty decent golf. A couple of little scrappy ones in there, but none of the two of us played our best but 4-under will put you right up there.

Q. You were thinking maybe delay the match play until the last nine on Sunday, but how has it been head-to-head with the No. 1 of present?
DANNY WILLETT: It's good. Obviously it helped both of us shooting a good number. You can treat it a little bit like that.

Like I said in the press conference earlier in the week, you don't want to play match play if you're level par, 1-over par but as soon as you're going along quite nicely, ended up being a pretty good match. He holed a bunker shot on the last and me making four, so looks like might be playing again tomorrow.

Q. Absolutely, when he does have a bunker shot like that at the last and you're over the putt, are you determined, just go on, make it now?
DANNY WILLETT: I had all visions of missing it and doing stuff, but no, it was a good, fun day. Like I said, put ourselves in a pretty good position going into the next round.

Q. Nice in some tricky conditions with the wind picking up.
DANNY WILLETT: Always is the case around here. It's a bit calmer in the morning but usually a bit cooler. You see a few decent scores in the morning. The greens are obviously quite nice. In the afternoon, we had a little firm, a little glassy, but pretty good, solid golf. Like I said we kept it reasonably in play and went from there.

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