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November 14, 2015

Sergio Garcia

Shanghai, China

Q. How do you feel about the way you've played, particularly on that back nine?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, well, my back nine didn't start very well. I made a stupid soft, really, really soft bogey on 10.

And then I guess, you know, got a couple good breaks on 13 and 14 and took advantage of it. I mean, I played the last four holes really well I think. So it was nice to be able to finish like that. And give myself a shot tomorrow because I was getting a little bit far behind, so, we'll see.

Q. Were you conscious of slipping behind --
SERGIO GARCIA: No, you try to putt the foot on the gas from the first hole onwards and sometimes it doesn't happen. I knew that I was falling behind a little bit, and you know, I was hoping for something good to happen. I was fortunate that it did. So I'm happy with that, and you know, we'll see what we can do tomorrow.

Q. Despite many of low scores today, it's not an easy golf course, is it?
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, you have some good chances out there. I guess with some of the forward tees that the tour has put on, it makes it a little bit easier, some of the really tough holes that we've been playing in this wind from the back tees, but yeah, there's still some good holes out there. 18 is a strong hole and 17 is a good par 3. There's a couple others that are good, solid holes.

You still have to hit good shots and then take advantage of the easier holes when you have them.

Q. With this score, with this finish, are you now excited about the opportunity tomorrow?
SERGIO GARCIA: Always, always. It's always exciting to be up there with a chance on Sunday. So like I said, hopefully I will play well tomorrow and keep myself up there and have a chance coming in and we'll see what we can do.

Q. You will.
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