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November 13, 2015

Sergio Garcia

Shanghai, China

Q. Thoughts on second round in much tougher conditions?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, definitely much tougher. Still felt like I left at least three or four shots out there. But it was obviously difficult; if you didn't hit the right shot at the right time, you could pay and I did a couple of times.

Made a really nice par on 17 and a great four on the last. That was playing very difficult. You know, I have loved it to be a little bit better. Feels like it should have been a little bit better but it is what it is.

Q. Nice, positive finish holing the putt and making sure nothing dropped?
SERGIO GARCIA: 18 was playing tough. It was probably playing like a short par 5 today. I hit a really good drive and I hit a really good 4-iron, probably should have been a three. The green is not that easy to be hitting that kind of club.

It was obviously difficult and I was happy to be able to make four there.

Q. Probably obvious, but it's cold and the fact that it's so very damp and then the wind's picked up; that's what made it difficult today?
SERGIO GARCIA: More than anything, the wind and the temperature. Obviously the ball was going a bit shorter today with as cold as it was, and it was quite breezy. So a lot of holes were playing tough throughout the day.

Q. It's almost a cliché, we always say, if that's your bad round out of the way, then it all bodes well, doesn't it, really.
SERGIO GARCIA: We'll see. That would be nice. But still two days to go. So hopefully it will be the bad, the worst round of the week for me, and then it should be okay. If not, then you know, we'll have to found something.

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