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November 5, 2015

Thorbjorn Olesen

Shanghai, China

Q. Your thoughts on a 64 to start here?
THORBJØRN OLESEN: Yeah, it was brilliant. I really had it going down the front nine. I think after 9, I thought about that 60 number. But hit a few, a couple of bad shots on the back nine, but overall I played really, really well. Holed some good putts, also, obviously. But yeah, it was a really solid round.

Q. Have you ever been so fast out of the blocks because it was birdie after birdie. You were 6-under through eight, weren't you.
THORBJØRN OLESEN: Yeah, that's why all sort of things went through my mind. I thought yeah, here we can go really, really low. But yeah, like I said, I hit a couple of bad shots. I made bogey on the par 5 which was a little bit silly. Overall I'm really happy with the round. Felt like I was driving the ball really well, hitting it in the fairway and today was really soft, so you could attack all the pins.

Q. Is there something about the course that makes it that much easier today and perhaps suits you all the better?
THORBJØRN OLESEN: Yeah, normally it's a tricky golf course. They moved a few tee boxes up and like I said, really soft conditions which made it possible to go after all the pins. Normally it's a bit firmer and a bit faster and makes it a lot trickier. Yeah, that was a good scoring opportunity today.

Q. It's been a troubled year in many ways but the end of it is going to be spectacular if you carry on like this?
THORBJØRN OLESEN: Yeah, it's a bit like last year, actually, won down in Australia and came here and played really well also. I like this golf course. Suits my eye, great condition.

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