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November 5, 2015

Patrick Reed

Shanghai, China

Q. What are your thoughts on shooting a lovely 7-under to start?
PATRICK REED: It's comforting. Last year seemed to play pretty tough and I didn't play great last year, and the scores didn't seem like they were quite there.

Today coming into this week, felt like I'd been hitting the ball pretty solid. It was another one of those days where I felt like I could have hit the ball better, but luckily I made a lot of solid putts that you need to make to keep your round going. Yeah, just seems like any time you can play bogey-free it always helps.

Q. I take it it's a nice continuation, as well, we saw you in Hong Kong, of course, playing very well there.
PATRICK REED: It did. I feel like that's where it started. I played pretty solid in Hong Kong and, then I played pretty well last week and then just kind of spilled over into this week where I feel like I'm in control of my game, even with my loose golf shots, I know where they are going.

I'm just keeping myself out of a lot of trouble and hitting a lot of greens. Any time you can hit a lot of greens around here, it makes the golf course a lot easier, especially with how soft the greens are.

Q. So many things to go for with The European Tour hat on, you've got The Final Series, but with the US PGA TOUR, as well, just starting off, aren't you, really?
PATRICK REED: Yeah, for sure. It's interesting how we're finishing up on one tour but at the same time, we're pushing for the beginning of the other. It's good to have where both tours are part of one event, so you can kind of get both aspects of it. So hopefully we continue playing well and come Sunday, hopefully have a chance.

Q. I guess that gives a different kind of buzz but at the same time you've probably got to treat it like any other tournament, haven't you?
PATRICK REED: Yeah, any time you tee it up, you almost have to treat the majors and the World Golf Championships just like they are a regular event.

The more pressure you put yourself on, you're going to end up hitting looser shots, pressing too much and making that big number. As long as you can keep yourself away from that and play, I wouldn't say conservative, but aggressively to conservative lines, leave yourself a lot of putts and have chances.

Q. Is that part of the learning experience, knowing how to treat an event of this scale?
PATRICK REED: Oh, for sure, my first year playing was last year, but my first major, because that was what came first. It seemed like I just put too much pressure on myself in the beginning, and any time you put pressure and you try to force the golf ball in the hole, it seems to always miss. Any time you just let it happen, it seems to work a lot better for me.

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