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October 7, 2015

Danny Willett

Woburn, England

Q. How are you in terms of form and general life and everything?
DANNY WILLETT: All right. Form, you can never really tell. Last week was not the best week. Everything's been well. Obviously been a good middle of the season, really, and had a bit of time off. So no, just trying to get things revved back up again, doing a few things in the swing and trying to get some things sorted before the finals.

Q. Good news on the home front. Congratulations again.
DANNY WILLETT: I know, 13 weeks pregnant. So that will throw another thing into the mix next year.

Q. What does that mean; I believe you're not taking up your PGA Tour card?
DANNY WILLETT: No, I'm not going to take the card. I spoke to a lot of guys about it, Parky, Björn, Westy, guys who have been there, done it, seen both sides of it. Seen guys do it, as well. And obviously in terms of Ryder Cup points, obviously staying in Europe beneficial for myself.

I'd have liked to have taken the card but think maybe just a year or two too early. Too difficult to up and move, and you've got to do it properly; do what Luke's done and what Poults has done and have a proper base and that type of stuff.

So I just think it's not quite dropped on the right time. Hopefully we're in the same position the next year or the year after and we're able to make the decision yes or no. Could be no again. All depends on how everything is going.

Q. What were the guys saying, it's a lot of travel.
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, they said you need a base. You need to appreciate that you need somewhere to go. If you go over there, you need to do it properly, one or two weeks on, a couple weeks off; if you want to come back, that's fine, but it's a lot of travel.

Throwing everything into the mix, I think being comfortable inside the top 50 the world now it makes it easy to not take it. If I was around 50 or 60 in the world, I probably still might have because you're not guaranteed to get all the World Golf Championships and all that stuff. Comfortably inside it, we're in everything next year.

So it's not going to be too difficult to kind of have a similar schedule, a ten- to 12-event schedule over there next year. With Bridgestone not being on our schedule, it makes it a bit, difficult, as well. We want to support The European Tour and obviously them putting that alongside The French Open made that one a bit difficult.

All in all, I think it's a good decision. I think it's the right decision, and just got to keep playing good golf.

Q. Speaking of that, you mentioned The Ryder Cup there, how big a goal is that for the rest of the season and next season?
DANNY WILLETT: Not so much goal. It's one of them that it's the dream. It's not so much, yeah, it's on my list. There's nothing I can do. I can play great next year but 12 guys could play better.

So it's not really a goal but it would be something that would be really neat to be part of. I'm just going to keep doing my little things and ticking off boxes for what I'm trying to achieve in certain areas and hopefully come next September, it will be all right.

Q. Looking ahead to this week, how good is it to have more tournaments in Britain and to have the likes of Poults and everybody supporting things like that?
DANNY WILLETT: It's good. It's what's been needed for a couple of years. There was talk of putting it back on a couple years ago and that fizzled on and there was talk of this being on, and it's pulled through and so far it's been a great week.

I think you need guys like Westy and Poults and Donald to show their enthusiasm. A shame Rosey can't make it. Supposed to be maybe.

It's good. It's needed. You need the guys who have been there and done it to support the events and to get them back going. You look at everyone -- I didn't play in the Paul Lawrie Match Play this year but everyone said that was fantastic. You need the events and you need the guys to support it.

We've got great sponsors in SKY Sports, obviously being the title sponsor this week, which has really pushed it as well. Along the media in front, a bit of a circus, everywhere you see, and that putts a different buzz on it again. To be a young British lad obviously trying to break through properly, you need more events like this.

Q. You're obviously far too young to have played in this event I would assume.
DANNY WILLETT: I haven't played. The first year I got my card, or I turned pro in 2008, and got my card. It was one of the ones you always wanted to play. It would have been just down the road at The Belfry for me.

So yeah, there's a lot of things that you remember. You remember seeing Monty, Seve and Ernie and everyone playing and competing and Westy obviously. Yeah, I just think it's fantastic it's back on the schedule.

Q. Could you imagine picturing yourself in Poulter's position in a few years' time?
DANNY WILLETT: Wee Willett, yeah, you can do, really. You can see how and why it's easy for a guy like Poults, you can pull in favours as Rory did for The Irish Open, he pulled in favours from some of the American lads to again get a buzz about the place. That's what Poults has done. It helps the Tour. It helps the tournament. You get these guys here, you obviously get your ticket sales up. You get World Ranking points from better players being here and all in all it makes for a better week.

Q. Race to Dubai a big focus, I'm assuming. What's your schedule?
DANNY WILLETT: Just this week, two weeks off, rest up, get the swing sorted, get in a good place and then try and smash the Final Four. Turkey, China, China, Dubai -- yeah, I mean, you'd be a bit annoyed if you came up ten pounds or a Euro short at the end of the year and you take a week off where you could have got that. It's one of them if I can play really nicely for the next couple of months, it could be a nice Christmas.

Q. And would you be annoyed, Rory, technically he's going to play 12 events --
DANNY WILLETT: If he wins more money than me playing less events, you know, so be it. I appreciate rules are rules and other stuff, and I think there could be a few implications do you know the line of finishing 51st on the Order of Merit and this and that. But from a personal point of view, Race to Dubai without Rory in it, it wouldn't be -- it wouldn't really be that great.

You want to play and you want to win these things when the best players in the world are playing, and like I said, if he can get more money with injuries, that's just good golf.

Q. Would it have implications for you? Would you get a bonus if you win The Race to Dubai, things like that from sponsors?
DANNY WILLETT: You have bonuses from sponsors and bits and bobs but at the same token, you wouldn't want to win it by not winning it. It's all nice and well to get paid here and do this and that, but if you know inside you've not quite won it, it wouldn't sit right with me.

Q. Have you played here before?
DANNY WILLETT: No. I haven't played it. Supposed to be very good. So no, it's supposed to be a good golf course. Weather is set now to be a miserable morning for the next couple round here but then brighten up again the rest of the week which is needed, and apparently very wet yesterday.

But no, from whatever everyone's said and the picture that is have been posted, it looks immaculate. Looking forward to going out today and see what it's like.

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