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August 20, 2015

Todd Mitchell

Olympia Fields, Illinois

Q. Talk about getting off to a good start. Winning four out of the first six holes.
TODD MITCHELL: Yeah, he's obviously a great player, it was key. I'm not even really sure how it happened. I know I made a couple birdies and he made a couple bogeys as well. But at that point in time I knew that I was 4-up, but it didn't feel like I was 4-up, because I hit a couple iffy shots, then he came right back and then he's, obviously, there's a reason why he's as good as he is, because his golf swing is good and he hits a lot of quality shots.

Q. That putt at 15 almost went in. Did you think it was in there at the last second?
TODD MITCHELL: It certainly looked good. It had the look that it might go a little high and that's what it did. But I was hoping that it was going to go in.

Q. Do you think that making that par settled you down? Because he was starting to make a little bit of a come back there.
TODD MITCHELL: Yeah, he was. He won the last six or seven holes. He didn't miss many shots.

I hit a bad wedge into -- I got to think about it here now -- I think it's 14. I wasn't as aggressive as I should have been or as I wanted to be, and that left me with a really difficult putt.

The greens now, they're probably two and a half or three feet faster than they were yesterday. So they're starting to pick up speed and now these long putts, even the ones that -- that's pretty level until the end and then it goes away from you -- it just never had a chance to stop.

Q. Obviously the wind is a factor out there. To what degree and how did you adjust?
TODD MITCHELL: It's a huge factor. It makes some holes play a lot easier, like 1 and 11. You don't have to worry about the bunkers so much, you just hit it over them. But it makes it a little more difficult into the greens.

But the holes going into the wind are -- I mean they're difficult any ways on a normal day, but now, now you have to hit the fairway, which is key, and then you got to judge the wind and hit the right shot at the right time. It's not like the pins are in the middle of the greens either. So this is some of the hardest conditions I've played in.

Q. What is it that's going on here? Is it your back in your home state or where is all this coming from?
TODD MITCHELL: I don't know. I always feel like -- I play in a lot of these things and I feel like some areas that I'm better than some of my finishes, but it's sports. I think I'm very comfortable here, for one thing. I just think that I'm settled down, I'm comfortable here and I'm not out here to prove anything, I'm just out here having fun and to compete and that's about it.

Q. This is your seventh time?

Q. How deep have you gone before?
TODD MITCHELL: I lost in the first round twice.

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