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July 16, 2015

Sergio Garcia


Q. How was that for you?
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, I mean, I think it was good. Obviously I would have liked to be a couple shots lower. But overall I felt like for us and the guys in the afternoon, the back nine started playing a lot tougher. The wind picked up. It got a little bit cooler. Difficult wind on the back nine. Pretty much every hole is left to right into or left to right just helping, so for a right-handed player it's an uncomfortable wind, and with most of the danger on the right side all of the back nine. You know, it's a shame that -- I would have loved to have made that putt on 17 and keep the bogeys off my card, but unfortunately I couldn't do that. But overall I'm not disappointed with my round. I would have loved to be a little bit lower, but it's not too bad.

Q. (Inaudible.)
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, it depends. With this wind, obviously the front nine is playing easier than the back nine. But if the wind changes, it goes the other way. You know, the beauty about the British Open is that the course can change so much from one day to another without much wind. For example, I remember on Tuesday -- Tuesday we played the second hole a little bit downwind and I hit driver, lob wedge. Second day was a little drizzle and a little bit into the wind and I hit a good driver and I hit 5-iron. So it just shows you how much it changes with not that big a difference. It wasn't like it was really hard blowing either of the days. You know, I think that it can change at any point.

Q. Some people think this course needs elements.
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, if you want to keep the score around 5-under or something like that, yes, you do need wind, you do need conditions like that. Obviously it's a course that it gives you room to hit the ball, and if the conditions are easy, there's not much wind, then obviously a lot of people can score well.

Q. How low do you think the score can get?
SERGIO GARCIA: Probably looks like 7-under. I don't know, we'll see.
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