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June 26, 2015

Sergio Garcia


Q. We're here with Sergio Garcia. 67 yesterday and 68 today, solid rounds. Were the conditions any different in the afternoon today?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, definitely. They were much challenging today. Greens were firmer. Some of the pins were a little bit tougher to get to, a little more tight around the edges. I played much better than yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn't score as well as yesterday, but the conditions were tougher too.

Q. We've heard some of the guys talk about there are almost two different nines here. The front nine is completely different than the back nine in the way the mounding and elevation changes; do you find that?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, definitely. You can see that the back nine was the one that they did after. The front end was here before and they've done a couple changes here. There are some good solid holes on the front nine. Like 4 or 5 I think they're great holes, 7 I think is a great hole. But the back nine has got more -- the back nine has got more chances. It's got more danger, but at the same time it gives you more possibilities of scoring. I had some good chances coming in, unfortunately, didn't roll any of those.

Q. This is 13, the par-5?
SERGIO GARCIA: My second shot was just a tiny bit left. I had to cut it around the tree and stayed just in the back. Hit a nice chip and made a nice putt for birdie.

Q. And 14?
SERGIO GARCIA: 14 a great tee shot and hit a wonderful second shot here. I thought if it spun a little bit more it had a chance of maybe going in, but it just ran past a little bit and made that nice six-footer.

Q. So most of the guys have been talking all week about wedges and the yardages on the back nine specifically. Did you have a lot of wedges in your hand out there today?
SERGIO GARCIA: I did. 10 was playing tough today, but 12, yeah. I had like 70 yards to the hole. 13, obviously, I was going for it in two. But 14 I had 109 yards. That was kind of about it, because 15 we went for it in one, and 18 and 17 were playing into the wind.

Q. Are you excited to get on some greens that have some green and grass on them this week. Keep it going for the rest of the week.

Q. Good round today. How was it out there? Was the golf course playing a lot differently?
SERGIO GARCIA: It was definitely playing much tougher, much firmer, a little more breeze than yesterday morning. Some good pin positions. So overall it was definitely playing tougher. I'm glad I played better than yesterday, because if not I would have struggled to shoot under par.

Q. This is a course where you've played well in the past. You had a great finish last year. Is that motivation for this year?
SERGIO GARCIA: Definitely. Any time it's like Sawgrass, like THE PLAYERS, obviously a course that I love and I enjoy playing this course too. Every time you have good feelings about a golf course or about a tournament, it's something that you have gained already before the week starts. I'm excited about it, and looking forward to having a good weekend ahead.

Q. What are you looking forward to most as you head into the weekend?
SERGIO GARCIA: Just hopefully keep playing well, keep giving myself chances, and see what we can get ourselves into Sunday afternoon and see where we can go from there.

Q. Because you came so close last year, is this one you really want to get?
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, you want to get them all. Obviously, yeah, it was one that kind of hurt a little bit, but obviously it was an unbelievable finishing round, and there is not much things you can do about that. But I just want to go slowly, one round at a time, and hopefully I'll have another shot at it on Sunday.

Q. 5-under par heading into the weekend. Yesterday seemed relatively easy. When I was out there watching you guys today, it seemed like all three of you were just trying to grind it out to get a good score?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, definitely. It was much tougher today. Obviously the course firmed up nicely. It was a little breezier. The pins were a little bit more hidden away. So you definitely had to hit a lot of good shots to be able to make birdies. I think I actually hit a lot of good shots today, more than yesterday. I played better. But unfortunately there were three or four putts that looked really, really good that didn't go in. But overall I'm not disappointed with my round.

Q. Looking at your stats, really the number that jumped out that was not like yesterday was your putts on the greens. When you have maybe not a putting day that you're looking for, how do you rebound from that into the weekend?
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, you've got to realize the more greens you hit your putting stats are going to look worst unless you're shooting 62 or 61 every day. But when you're missing greens, obviously you're chipping the ball closer, you have closer putts, so you tend to make more putts. When you hit a lot of greens, you have more 15, 20 footers, and it's difficult to make as many of those. But I felt good. I felt like I hit a lot of good putts, which is the important thing, and hopefully tomorrow the ones that didn't want to go in will go.

Q. You've played yourself into contention here before. So for you what is the key with 36 holes to go?
SERGIO GARCIA: Oh, more of the same. Just keep playing well. I've been patient out there, waiting for things to happen. Trying to do the best you can.
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