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June 25, 2015

Seung-Yul Noh


Q. Could you have started this tournament any better ripping off four birdies in those first four holes?
SEUNG-YUL NOH: Yeah, it is a great start, a great round. All the day good, but just 14 and 15 made a silly mistake. But a lot of good shots and lot of good putts, yeah.

Q. So your best round prior to today was a 68. How do you better that by four shots as you play today?
SEUNG-YUL NOH: Oh, I don't know. Everything's better and then just make one bogey, that's why I was 4 shots better today, and made a lot of birdies. Especially it feels pretty good because then playing good in Memphis, and playing last week, and then really got a lot of good confidence and lot of focus on the shots. So made a lot of shots.

Q. It looked like you thought you had that putt on the 18th, that you really made a great read on that one.
SEUNG-YUL NOH: Yeah, just great putt and great read, but just not made it. I think hopefully it will be better tomorrow.
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