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June 18, 2015

Brian Campbell


Q. Well done. How good do you feel about that round?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: It's really special after coming back to the U.S. Open after last year. I missed the cut by one last year, so I really made it an effort to get a good start this week, and couldn't ask for a better day, really. Kind of found a groove and putted well and things came together, so it was nice.

Q. Last year was a motivator for you?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: Yeah, definitely. I think I maybe shook the nerves out the first round. Had a good, tough second round and barely missed it. It kind of showed me that I do belong out here and I can shoot some good scores.

Q. How hard was it to wait around for the afternoon round?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: Pretty difficult. I actually tried to stay up as late as I could and sleep in as long as I could, just try to make it like a normal morning. Get out here, get some food. But, yeah, waiting around, I definitely turned on the TV and watched a little bit this morning, kind of got my game plan together and went and got after it.

Q. (Inaudible.)
BRIAN CAMPBELL: I would say I just felt really comfortable on the greens. I made a lot of birdies. The ball was rolling well. And then I was able to put it in play off the tee. It wasn't spectacular, but I found fairways and just made it easy on myself.

Q. A lot of guys were having trouble on the greens. What made you so successful on the greens today?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: You know, I really don't know. I just kind of all week have been pretty comfortable with them. I haven't really -- I've been focusing more on my ball-striking because I thought that was lacking. But I think I just after NCAAs in college, I was putting well and kind of just building off of that week. I just felt comfortable on the greens again. And the less you worry about it, the more comfortable you can be in just letting the putter go. And I think that really contributed to why I putted pretty good today.

Q. (Inaudible.)
BRIAN CAMPBELL: For the afternoon they really weren't that bad, at least I saw them rolling on the lines. But they did get a little dicey on some of the greens, a little bit icy in the afternoon and quick, but that's what you expect for the U.S. Open. It's got to be tough and everyone's got to play it. So it's a good challenge.

Q. It's been a long, long time since an amateur won the U.S. Open, do you think it's feasible?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: After today's round, I think so, yeah. I'm up there and definitely have the game to do what needs to be done.

Q. What was your goal this week?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: I think I just wanted to treat it like any other tournament, not really think too much of it being the U.S. Open as more of just any other round I played. It was nice to play with Cheng-Tsung Pan from Washington, kind of had that college tournament feel today, so that was nice. But like any other tournament, go try and win, play the best you can.

Q. Pretty wild ride from 3 to 8 on your back nine. How did you keep it together?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: I just -- I believed in myself. I did hit some good shots there and just got some bad breaks, you've got to step back and realize that you're still playing well, nothing's changed, keep a good mentality with you and the putts went in. So some days they do, some days they don't and today was a good day.

Q. Get any advice from your golf coach before you played this week?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: I've just kind of used what he's told me all four years at school. Just stay within yourself, keep the holes in front of you and make it as easy as you can. But, yeah, he just kind of gave me a little boost of confidence saying go get it, you belong out there, so it was nice.

Q. Tomorrow you've got an early tee time, is that going to help, feel like you'll keep the momentum going?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: Yeah, typically the morning rounds seem to be lower scores. But I'm just going to go kind of adapt to the course as I play on and see how it plays in the morning as compared to the afternoon. And see if you can make birdies out there. And if not, kind of just go for pars, play solid and see what happens.

Q. Have you felt like an amateur out here or do you feel like you're part of the group out here?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: I'm starting to feel like that. It's definitely weird walking around the practice range with all these guys that you've watched your whole life. The transition is definitely a tough feat, but I'm getting used to it.

Q. Do you know when you plan to turn pro?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: Hopefully sometime soon. I do -- I'm still waiting to hear about the Walker Cup. So I may stay amateur for the summer, but we'll see. There may be other possible opportunities, as well, we'll have to see.
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