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May 31, 2015

Danny Willett


Q.  Give us a sense of conditions today?
DANNY WILLETT:  It's 20‑, 25‑mile‑an‑hour winds all day regardless and just the fact that every hole is a crosswind, so you're always feeling like you're playing everything into the wind because your start line is that far away from the middle of the fairway that you're always hitting into the wind at first and then obviously letting it come back.
Just have to trust your ball flight; that it's under control and try to make committed swings which is pretty difficult in winds like this.  But fortunately enough we made a few good ones.

Q.  Given conditions, how would you assess your week?
DANNY WILLETT:   It's been good.  Friday let us down.  Got a bit unhappy with myself and the putter let us down a little bit and the conditions kind of got to me and the body got a bit cold.  Apart from that, we have stuck it out pretty good.  Hit a lot of good golf shots and rolled the ball pretty nice apart from Friday.  All in all, the week, it's pretty good.

Q.  And being back at Royal County Down, how has that been?
DANNY WILLETT:  It's nice.  Obviously different playing it stroke play, match play, but it's a great golf course.

Q.  Tell us about the chip‑in at the last?
DANNY WILLETT:  It was touch and go, didn't hit a great tee shot.  Sat in the fairway a long way back and just hit a great tee shot.  You have to hit a low bullet to try to get it somewhere near chasing up.  Ran up pin‑high right and I fancied it, and it's always nice when it goes in.

Q.  How do you feel about your total with the leaders dropping like flies?
DANNY WILLETT:  Last time we looked, Kjeldsen was at five and we just came in and it's dropped back to three.  A score is out there but if you get on a bogey run, it just keeps kicking you and kicking you.  Just have to wait and see.

Q.  What will you do?
DANNY WILLETT:  Go for a bit of lunch.  Give it an hour or so.  There's a few guys that are around level, 1‑under, 1‑over, that have got only three or four left so depends on what they do.  If they come in better than us, we pack up the bag and go home.  If not, we wait around a bit longer.

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