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May 28, 2015

Danny Willett


DANNY WILLET:  With the breeze coming across you most of the day.  Obviously winds gusting a little bit.  You know, it's tough out there, make sure you're not going to (indiscernible).  Got a few chances, and no, really solid day.

Q.  Looks like you got it going right from the start, a few number of red figures in there, but good control.
DANNY WILLET:  Yeah, it was.  It never kind of got away from us.  A couple of bogeys in there, but a couple of good saves.  Like I said, I didn't really do anything silly, so we were always in somewhat of a position when we got to come outside.  So tend to spot the ball kind of in an area throughout the round as we did that.

Q.  Am I right to presume this course is close to your heart after 2007?
DANNY WILLET:  It would have been better if we'd have won, but no, it's a great golf course.  You know, we got to play a lot that week, and it was nice coming back and playing it Tuesday and then yesterday in the pro am.  It's just an incredible links golf course.  You get tough weather out here and it can play brutal.  Luckily today it's been a good two, three‑club wind at times, but that's kind of what links golf is.  No, I think it's great.

Q.  I imagine you're very happy with your day's work.
DANNY WILLET:  Yeah.  Anything in the 60s around that golf course is obviously, with the weather being the way it is, is a great score.

Q.  A lot of players struggling out there.  How did you manage to post such a good round?
DANNY WILLET:  We drove the ball well, and we were in a lot of good positions off the tee.  We were never in the fairway bunkers, never in any real trouble.  So allowed you to kind of hit average golf shots, hit into areas.  And that's what we did.

Q.  Best of luck for tomorrow.  You played an awful lot of good golf in recent months.
DANNY WILLET:  It's good.  I don't really play much links golf that much around here.  This place is a proper links golf, and weather conditions today to kind of make it pretty tough, but fair in places.  Played really solid.

Q.  What's the most difficult thing about this course in these conditions?
DANNY WILLET:  Getting it on the greens and making sure you don't do anything stupid.  You get a tight flag, it's always easy to kind of guide it a little bit and you end up causing it to run down the fairways.  And then you got a good lie, you're okay.  You get an average lie, you know, the greens, it's kind of tricky.  So a lot of the times I think you'll see a lot better on the par‑5s and you'll see a lot of people having 50‑footers and 2‑putting and walking off.  So that's kind of how we approached it and ended up pretty good.

Q.  You've risen to 1 31st to 39th in the world in the last 12 months.  You obviously now get to play in marketing groups alongside Luke Donald and Darren Clarke.  Can you learn from playing with these guys in this experience?
DANNY WILLET:  Yeah.  I had a chat with Darren yesterday saying if we were somewhere near him today, it will be all right.  He's obviously grown up on this kind of golf.  Luke's obviously a good ball striker, keeps it very straight.  So I think them to around a place like this it's a good group to be.  You're not going to get anyone hitting it wild left line or anything.

Q.  Not bad?
DANNY WILLET:  Not bad.  We did lose to the Americans.

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