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May 8, 2015

Sergio Garcia


Q. Talk about your day. You had it to 5-under at one point?

Q. 6-under. Tied for the lead for a while, kind of making the turn, just the day in general, how it went, ups and downs.
SERGIO GARCIA: No, quite similar to yesterday. I guess yesterday I putted a little bit better, but not much better. Obviously, struggling a lot with my putter this year. Both conventional, claw, or I don't know what to do. But felt like I played well all day. I hit a lot of good shots, unfortunately, when you miss, I want to say, seven putts inside seven feet, it's difficult to shoot anything lower than 72 on this golf course, the way it's playing. So, the positive is that, that missing everything, I'm still 3-under par. But the bad thing I guess is that if I would have putted half decent I would probably be 8- or 9-under par.

Q. Why did you drop the claw? It just wasn't working there for awhile?
SERGIO GARCIA: What do you think? I mean, obviously, if it was working, I would go with it. But I came back the last four holes and I made one putt. So, I don't know, it's just frustrating, but I'll have to figure out something.

Q. Is there any temptation to want to go back and forth when one isn't working?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, I did. I did the last four holes. And I made one putt.

Q. Do you have good feelings about this golf course? Obviously, the win --
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, no, definitely. No, definitely. I love the course. Like I said, if I would have putted half decent -- looking at yesterday and today, I probably, I want to say I probably missed at least 10 putts inside eight or nine feet. I mean, it's difficult to do much better than where I am at the moment, missing all those many putts. So, it's what it is, so I just got to see if I can find something that makes that change a little bit.
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