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May 3, 2015

Danny Willett


Q.  Danny, not the result you were hoping for, but some consolation, 5‑under par, pretty good play?
DANNY WILLETT:  Yeah, cold this morning, pretty gusty out there.  Played some solid golf, just missed a couple at the wrong time and he kind of holed a couple nice ones at the end.  Just a good match.

Q.  You spoke yesterday about the fact you had to get behind going into the back nine, this time you were, what were the tactics then?
DANNY WILLETT:  Just try and hit some good golf shots.  And the same thing again.  We couldn't quite get the birdies.
Made a nice birdie on 12, and I bounced back, another birdie on 13.  It was a good game back and forth.

Q.  How valuable are experiences like this in your development plan?
DANNY WILLETT:  Good.  I mean, it's been a really long, tough week.  And you need to take away the positives from the fact that you are here on a Sunday in a World Golf Championship.  So you have to take it forward.

Q.  Consolation match this afternoon, obviously still some things at stake, World Ranking points, and potentially enough points to get your card over here in America?
DANNY WILLETT:  Yeah, it's one of them where you can't be too down, because obviously having losing the other match you're going to feel the same way, disappointed in a championship match.  By no means it's kind of like a nothing match.  There's a lot of World Ranking points.  And like you say, it's probably the difference between a card or no card.

Q.  You got up early in this match.  A little change in momentum late on the front nine, but all in all a good match?
DANNY WILLETT:  It was good.  We start pretty quick, and he had two really good birdies on 6 and 7.

Q.  Your match this afternoon, this week's been really good for you, what can you take into this afternoon's match?
DANNY WILLETT:  Still a lot to play for.  Third and fourth is a big difference.  The guy that losses the second match is going to feel down, like I am right now.  But I'm going to go get some food and get back out there.

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