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May 2, 2015

Danny Willett


Q.  You said that it would be no problem to take down your friend Lee Westwood and you did just that.  What was the key in your match?
DANNY WILLETT:  We both were hitting it pretty good.  If you look at the shots, we were side by side for a lot of the day.  He played some solid golf.  Unfortunately he had a mishap on thelast.  Bit of a shame.

Q.  The United States is learning more about Danny Willett.  As a match play player, what you think your strengths are?
DANNY WILLETT:  Don't really give much away.  We're rolling the ball nicely this week.  We're hitting the ball pretty solid.  Not to much that's going too drastically wrong.  We don't have scramble low, when we do we are rolling it nice and saving par.  Everything is just nice if you can hit it a little bit close.  A few more and it would be really good score here.

Q.  Your fourth match, your fourth win.  Sum that match up.
DANNY WILLETT:  It was tough.  We both played pretty solid tee to green.  Didn't give anything to each other.  Made some nice putts at the right times.  You're still playing a friend, but you've got to get through.

Q.  Wasn't he an inspiration to you growing up?
DANNY WILLETT:  Obviously he's been doing well over the past few years.  I think if you look at what he did by traveling a bit more and playing a bit more everywhere, it's nice toplay a nice round.  It's tricky to play against him in match play, but luckily we've gotten through.

Q.  Thoughts on the match with Tommy Fleetwood?
DANNY WILLETT:  It will be good.  I haven't played with Tommy for a long time, since our amateur days.  So go out and do the same thing and see if we get through.

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