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April 29, 2015

Sergio Garcia


Q.  A great back nine.
SERGIO GARCIA:  Yes, obviously Tommy played really, really strong.  I felt like I played quite well.  I missed a couple of chances early on.
And then I had probably two or three really important up‑and‑downs, almost in a row.  And I got myself back into the match, 1‑down.  And then I hit some good shots coming in, and made some birdies, which was nice.

Q.  You've had a lot of success in this event before.  You're a Ryder Cup veteran.  What do you think of the format they turned to this year, do you like it?
SERGIO GARCIA:  Well, it's definitely different.  You can't please everybody.  I guess it's nice for all of us because we're here until Friday, instead of sometimes walking off on Wednesday.  I think for the fans it's nice.
The only thing is that sometimes some guys are going to win three matches to get into the run of 16, where in the old format they only needed two.  At the same time you can lose one or two matches and still get to that.  I guess it makes it interesting.

Q.  How about the golf course itself for this type of format?
SERGIO GARCIA:  Good golf course.  I remember last time I played was in 2005, American Express.  But it's in great shape.  The greens are not too quick, but they're firm.  It's not easy to hit close to the pin.  Just a good golf course.

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