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April 22, 2015

Seung-Yul Noh


THE MODERATOR:  Okay.  We'll get started.  We'd like to welcome the defending champion of Zurich Classic, Seung‑Yul Noh.  He's making his fourth start at this event.  We'll get you to take us through last year.  What an incredible tournament it was for you.  You played the first 54 holes without a bogey.  Just take us back to your first career win on the PGA TOUR?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  You know, that's a good memory, and then, you know, very especially bogey free throughout the 54 holes.  So really happy with that.  And then, you know, heavy wind last year, so playing really good.  So a lot of confidence and a lot of good experience.  So very special experience for last year.
THE MODERATOR:  Yeah.  Talk a little bit about your season up to this point, if you can.
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  A little struggle at the start of the season because, you know, just new trainer and new swing coach.  So we're trying everything is tough, so a little bit of tough for me.  And then, you know, because keep doing same thing, so getting better and then feel better.  So hopefully good for this week, and then hopefully end the season pretty good results coming up.
THE MODERATOR:  And before we go into questions, one more.  I know it's a big year for you with the Presidents Cup and South Korea.  If you could comment on your goals of making that team.
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  That's a big deal.  First, Presidents Cup in Asia, obviously, first time in Korea.  Not me, just all the Korean players want to play Presidents Cup this year.  And then, you know, good chance for Korean, for playing out there.
So that's why very important for this week and after going forward for the tournament.
THE MODERATOR:  And how big is it for the country as well?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  For the Presidents Cup?
THE MODERATOR:  Yeah.  For South Korea to host.
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  I can't believe it, you know.  Feel like‑‑ one of the important, biggest tournaments for the Olympics next year, but I think pretty close to Presidents Cup, too.
THE MODERATOR:  Okay.  Questions?

Q.  We got nine inches of rain out here last week.  How is the course playing?  Does it seem like it's playing long to you?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Definitely, yeah.  And then wind change direction, really opposite; come from north yesterday.  So feel like really‑‑ really, really long course, and then feel like lot different than last year.  And then, you know, last year I'm thinking 7, 8‑iron on par‑3, but last two days, including today, on a lot of par‑3 using a 5‑iron, 6‑iron, 4‑iron even like.  So feel like really long course here and very soft ground condition.  So I think a little tougher than last year.

Q.  Are the greens rolling as well as last year or is it a little bit slower?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Yeah, softer and slower.  Yeah.

Q.  What was your reasoning for changing swing coaches after getting your win?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  You know, just making more need to consistent, consistently.  So we fix a little bit of bad swing.  And then a little bit of more swing plan and stuff.

Q.  How big a deal would it be to you to make the Olympic team next year?  Maybe not for golf in America but for the rest of the world is that a big deal for you especially?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Yeah, for sure.  First playing to golf in Olympics coming up long time.  So you know, not‑‑ I need to play also, but K.J. also, he needs and wants to play there.  So everyone needs to play next year in Olympics.  So yeah.

Q.  Did you learn anything after your win last year, did you learn anything about yourself?
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Yes.  And good experience and playing with major champion in final round.  And then also learn how to playing, how to control‑‑ how to control like body over swing.
When I play in final round also again, you know, bad result, good result, doesn't matter.  Just how to play.  I know how to play.  So a good experience.
THE MODERATOR:  All right.  All set?  Thank you, sir.  Best of luck this week.
SEUNG‑YUL NOH:  Thank you.

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