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April 9, 2015

Sergio Garcia


Q.  How would you assess how you played today?
SERGIO GARCIA:  Yes, I think for the most part it was fairly good.  There were some shots that obviously don't feel comfortable on this golf course, and takes me a little bit to be able to figure out what I'm doing.  But other than that I was able to save two or three situations with my short game with some good chips and some good putts.  And I'm very happy to be able to see that and shooting under 70 here is always good.

Q.  Does it help your confidence when you play well here?  In the past you made comments about, did today help that?
SERGIO GARCIA:  Like I said, there are still some holes that I don't feel comfortable with.  And I just need to figure out a way to play them better.
But, yeah, anytime you do well obviously it's a little bit of extra confidence.  And I do need it on this golf course, because unfortunately I don't have a whole lot to give away.

Q.  How much were you leaderboard watching today?
SERGIO GARCIA:  I saw it a little bit.  Obviously I knew how well he was playing and I was expecting him to do well, maybe not that well.
But the course was‑‑ even though in the afternoon there was a little bit of breeze, the course was there.  The greens were really soft.  They were probably as slow as I've seen them on tournament play, which I was surprised with.  A lot of putts broke a little bit less than expected.  And some downhill putts were a little slower than you've seen in the past.
But obviously it's playing really, really well.

Q.  You played an amazing game today.  What would you like to do tomorrow?
SERGIO GARCIA:  Hopefully do the same thing.  It would be nice to play well again tomorrow and put up a really good score.  But I don't want to get‑‑ I'm trying not to get ahead of myself anywhere, and on this golf course a little less, because I know my relationship with it is not the best.  So I need to go slowly.

Q.  You said there were a few holes that you're not very comfortable with.  Which are those?
SERGIO GARCIA:  10, 14, even 9, even though I had a birdie today.  I don't know, there's just some holes that I struggle a little bit to do what I want to do.  But just a matter of finding a way.

Q.  Can you give us why those are harder?
SERGIO GARCIA:  A lot of bad memories from a lot of years playing here, so those don't help.

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