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March 7, 2015

Sergio Garcia


Q.  Can you talk about the fan enthusiasm, whether you're doing well or not so well, seems like they are always jacked up.
SERGIO GARCÍA:  Yeah, no, definitely.  We wouldn't be anywhere without them.  I think that it's great to see so many people out.  I think obviously there's always a handful that you wish that wouldn't come but other than that, I think they are great fans, they support you all the way, and even with this rainy weather.  Yeah, it was nice to see.

Q.  Have you found the course softer from the overnight rain?  How were conditions different?
SERGIO GARCÍA:  A tiny bit.  Not that much.  I have a feeling that it didn't rain that much and as firm as it was coming into today, it didn't really make a huge difference on it.  I mean, you were still hitting pitching wedge that was releasing probably four or five yards, so obviously it wasn't soft.  But it definitely made it less firm, we'll call it.

Q.  How do you feel about your round today?  Do you feel like you can post a 64,65 tomorrow?
SERGIO GARCÍA:  We'll see.  I think it was a tough day.  I hit some really good shots and I hit some not so good ones.  It's difficult when you have a course that is asking you for so much every single time, and with rainy and windy conditions, it gets tough.
But we'll see.  I think that, you know, it's going to depend on what happens tomorrow.  Obviously if J.B. shoots somewhere around par, we'll need a round like that but if he doesn't, which can happen on this course at any time, we might not need as low a number as that.
I thought the beginning of the week, I thought 5‑under would be a great finishing score.  It might not be good enough but we'll see if we can get it past that.

Q.  When fans get creative and you have to look back‑‑
SERGIO GARCÍA:  Yeah, obviously you hear different things.  You'll hear, in my case, you'll hear things in Spanish, "Viva España," things about that, you will hear comments about Real Madrid, stuff like that.  They know what I like and they try to click the buttons that made me turn around.

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