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February 22, 2015

Sergio Garcia


Q.  Yesterday when we talked, you kind of mentioned that you held it together yesterday Seve‑like, you managed to post a number but didn't strike it that well.  Today seemed to be everything going pretty much your way until we made the turn back into the greens and especially the last couple of holes?
SERGIO GARCÍA:  I wouldn't say it was quite like that.  I thought it was under the conditions and the way I played, the way I felt all week, I thought it was a good effort to have a chance.  But I'm not going to lie to myself.  I've always been truthful to myself and I didn't deserve to win this week, it's as simple as that.  It caught up with me on the last, six, seven holes.
But I didn't play well at all this week.  It was already a good effort for me to have a chance, and unfortunately it's never nice to finish bogey, bogey, to get outside the playoff.  But I can't really be disappointed because I didn't play well enough.

Q.  What do you do to move forward now to the next tournament?
SERGIO GARCÍA:  I just need to play better, simple as that.  I saw a lot of good things this week.  Like I'm saying, the way I felt, I didn't feel comfortable at all on pretty much any shots.  So to be able to have a chance, the way I felt out there on the course, I thought it was good and it was a good learning experience.
You know, I've just got to learn from it and just hopefully get a little bit of confidence in my swing.

Q.  Your first tournament in America, obviously not winning is a disappointed but coming as close as you did has to bode well for the future?
SERGIO GARCÍA:  I hope so.  I hope so.  Because if not, it's going to be a long year.

Q.  I doubt that.
SERGIO GARCÍA:  Everybody knows how I rely on my long game, and my long game wasn't good this week.  I didn't drive the ball well.  For the most part, my irons weren't that great.  I chipped and putted quite well, other than a couple of holes.  But you know, I think that hopefully I'll be able to work the little issues that I have right now with my swing and if I manage to get that sorted, we should be good.

Q.  You said that you didn't have the game this week to win‑‑ that has to be disappointing you didn't get it done but at the same time are you buoyed by the fact that you didn't have your best game you had a chance to win?
SERGIO GARCÍA:  Yeah, obviously I'm not going to lie, I am a little bit disappointed.  I didn't know but I had a one‑shot lead going to the 17th tee.  But at the same time, like I said, I feel like‑‑ I'm drained.  I feel like I worked so hard all week and it's not what I'm used to.
But you know, I just‑‑ I don't feel really comfortable all year, since I started in Qatar.  For whatever reason, my swing doesn't seem to be clicking just yet.  So it's been a little bit of hard work but to be able to at least have a chance, as uncomfortable as I felt all week, I thought it was a good effort.  Unfortunately just not good enough.

Q.  One swing or one putt you'd like to have back?
SERGIO GARCÍA:  There's too many.  There's so many swings that I would like to have back I can't that‑‑ if I stand here, I would bore you until next week.

Q.  You said drained.  Is that sort of a statement about the difficulty of the course and the test?
SERGIO GARCÍA:  The course was difficult but I didn't make it any easier for myself.  So that obviously makes it even harder.  So I think it was a combination of both.

Q.  You said your swing has not clicked in.  You have a consistent miss that you are having to deal with?
SERGIO GARCÍA:  No, not really.  It's kind of going both ways.  I'll figure it out.  I'll be fine.

Q.  When you came here, were your expectations‑‑
SERGIO GARCÍA:  They weren't very high at all, no.  I thought, to tell you the truth, I thought hopefully I can play okay and make the cut and then see what I do on the weekend.  I was able to accomplish that quite well, and actually had a decent chance of winning.
So I think at the end of the day, for me, even though now, you may think, oh, he must be disappointed, obviously a little bit, but the way I played, I could have won, but I definitely don't think it would have been fair.

Q.  You said you didn't know you had a one‑shot lead on 17 tee.  If you had known that, would you have done anything differently?
SERGIO GARCÍA:  I would have tried to hit my drive a little straighter (laughs).

Q.  Were you put on the clock or asked to speed up?  Did that throw your rhythm off, around 12, 13?
SERGIO GARCÍA:  A little bit, definitely.  Got on 14.  Obviously Carlos hit first and then the wind was gusting, blowing, stopping, blowing, stopping and obviously took a little bit of extra time.  And the conditions, it was starting to rain.  It was blowing hard and everything.  Obviously a took a little bit of extra time.
Got a bad time there, and from then on, you know, with rain gear on, rain gear off, I just‑‑ it was difficult to get in a rhythm, because I knew that one more bad time and it was a stroke penalty, and obviously I didn't want that to happen.
That wasn't the nicest thing, but it is what it is I guess.

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