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February 21, 2015

Sergio Garcia


Q.  Have you ever had a better 4 than the one on 13?
SERGIO GARCÍA:  Yeah, I would put it in my top three.  I would say so. I've had some beauties I guess.

Q.  Your caddie said you had a 4‑iron out of the trap‑‑

Q.  How would you describe the gap you had to hit?
SERGIO GARCÍA:  Unfortunately I had the TV tower, which if I would have been off the bunker, it would have been nice.  It would have given me a better angle.  But because I was in the bunker ‑‑  if I took full relief off the TV tower I was going to be up against the lip so I had pretty much no shot.
I probably had a couple yards, I would say between the TV tower and the trunk of the tree.  The difficult part about it was that I was in a little bit of a downslope in the bunker, ball a little bit above my feet, having to hit like a low, low cut that went underneath the branchs.  So it just clipped one little branch.
But I was thrilled to, I mean, I would have been happy with five, so four was a bonus.

Q.  And how long was the putt that you made for par?
SERGIO GARCÍA:  I would say probably 16 feet, 15 feet.  I hit a terrible chip.

Q.  Did Ryan Moore say anything to you?  Your drive almost hit him when he was behind.
SERGIO GARCÍA:  Oh, really?

Q.  He was standing ready to putt‑‑
SERGIO GARCÍA:  His second shot?

Q.  His first shot he hit off the pin‑‑
SERGIO GARCÍA:  I didn't even know there was anybody on the 10th hole, and I was‑‑ I mean, I didn't even know where my ball was going.

Q.  You said your game today reminded you of somebody‑‑ can you expand on that?
SERGIO GARCÍA:  Yeah, it's kind of been like that, all week I guess.  I've hit some beauties and I've hit some shockers.  It was a little bit Seve‑like, I would guess, the way I saved some of those pars, where you know, it looked like I was going to make bogey or double, something like that.
So to be able to be able to kind of get away with it, and managed to shoot the round I shot‑‑ under the conditions, which the course was playing really tough, too, so I'm happy with that.

Q.  Did you have visions of Seve in your head as you were hitting some of these shots?
SERGIO GARCÍA:  No, I had too many things in my head to think about Seve.  I thought about it after I did it.  In between, I was too worried about what I did and what I had to do.

Q.  They are billing this as more than golf.  What do you think about the festival atmosphere they are trying to create to bring in more fans to watch the golf with the food trucks, the concert this afternoon; what do you think about this?
SERGIO GARCÍA:  Well, I think everything that is good for the game is great.  It's great for us.  As long as the game stays as truthful to itself, to it's ideas and the way it's been throughout the years.  So I think that's all good if it stays under control, because at the end of the day, it is a golf tournament, it's not a party.  So you still have to be respectful and enjoy it as much as you can, obviously, but be respectful to everyone out there.

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