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February 7, 2015

Brooke Pancake


Q.  So you got through 7?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  I'm on 8 green.

Q.  All right, so I mean, was it just a continuation of everything that's been going right, or what?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  Yeah, it has.  I've been giving myself some great chances, capitalizing on those, kind of trying to keep the mistakes minimal.

Q.  That's what Gerina said.  I said, what's going to be the key to separate from the pack, and she said, minimize mistakes.  What about the tee shot off of 8 that was just like perfect, right down the middle?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  That's nice to hear.  That's definitely probably one of the most nerve‑racking tee shots out here on the course for sure.  You've got wind straight into you, left to right.  You've got a hazard right there and bunkers.  Definitely know that you've done a really great thing here hitting that fairway, especially with these winds.

Q.  You said you've been struggling to put three rounds together and put four rounds together.  You almost have a full three days of really good golf.  How pleased are you to kind of have that under your wings to keep building off of?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  I definitely feel great about that.  I'm really pleased in seeing the progress that I'm making in my swing and my putting, especially the short game.  I feel like it's just all coming together this year for sure.  I'm really excited to see what the rest of the year has in store, challenges, mistakes, successes.  I feel in a lot better place this year than the last couple years.

Q.  What did you guys do, go back before the round?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  Definitely, yeah.  I went back, watched some HGTV.

Q.  What's the show?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  "Fixer Upper."

Q.  So watching TV, relaxed?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  Uh‑huh, and then came back and warmed up for about 45 minutes and then did it again.  I feel like I've played 54 holes already and I'm not even done with my third round.

Q.  Yeah, in terms of mentally preparing for a long day on a Sunday, when was the last time you've done a‑‑
BROOKE PANCAKE:  A Sunday like this?  It's been a long time.  I can't remember the last year.  Maybe like early in the season, maybe last year early on, but yeah, it's definitely going to be one of those, especially‑‑ well, the wind for me makes it take it one shot at a time.  I'm going to probably be really exhausted by the end of it, but it definitely keeps you staying in the moment for sure.

Q.  Now, something that suits you, are you pretty good at that?  I know some people struggle with that.
BROOKE PANCAKE:  For the most part, yeah.  I actually love it.

Q.  Grinding?

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