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February 7, 2015

Brooke Pancake


Q.  Talk about this morning.
BROOKE PANCAKE:  I started on 8, so we had 10 and a half holes.

Q.  We obviously have some west wind.
BROOKE PANCAKE:  Yes, the ocean holes are still really breezy.  I will say that wind is definitely a factor.

Q.  What worked well in this round compared to the other because you're playing very solid.
BROOKE PANCAKE:  Yeah, I happily am managing the wind pretty well for the most part, giving myself some chances.  I'm putting well.  When I give myself a birdie look, I will be definitely disappointed if it doesn't go in right now.

Q.  So putting has just been on point?

Q.  And you said you changed putters?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  I am, I'm using a Yes putter.

Q.  When did you put that in the bag?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  I switched over in the winter, this last winter pretty much, and then Ocala was the first event with it and this event, so I'm thinking it's going to stay for a while.

Q.  What made you change at that point?  You just wanted something different?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  I was looking over like the past couple years, I gave myself a lot of‑‑ I had a lot of good rounds I put together, I just didn't really make anything.  Most players will say they had this one round where they just knew they were going to make everything, and I hadn't had that in a while, and I just felt I had a putter that was good for me, but I didn't have those great days.  I just wanted to find the one that fit me the best, and that's kind of how I approached it.  I wasn't going to change anything, I was just (inaudible).

Q.  Talk about being in this position.  It obviously has to feel pretty good.
BROOKE PANCAKE:  It does feel good, finally.

Q.  What's the plan for the break, obviously late tee times, but what's on the docket?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  Eat a lot of good food and just kind of‑‑ my husband is here so we're just going to have some fun.  Depending on what time it is I might go back and then have some fun and then come back.  I'm not going to get too wrapped up.

Q.  Stay busy?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  Right, yeah, exactly.

Q.  Obviously the putter you want to keep the same, but anything‑‑
BROOKE PANCAKE:  No, game plan is going to be the same, just keep enjoying myself out there.  I'm just kind of‑‑ I'm staying really patient.  I know that's kind of corny to say you're staying in one shot at a time, but in the wind, yes.

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