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February 5, 2015

Brooke Pancake


Q.  Obviously finishing 6‑under, you had a great first round here.  What was working for you on the course?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  I luckily got to get out early this morning and really took advantage of not as strong‑‑ there's still wind but not as strong of a wind on my first nine, and I putted really well.  I gave myself a lot of birdie looks, and I really took advantage of those.  It was definitely nice having those going into the back nine and going into the rest of the week.

Q.  You did mention the wind picking up.  Playing in the wind in the past, did that work as an advantage or did you try to get it to be your friend I guess I should say?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  I want to say that being out here on the LPGA, I feel like most of our tournaments we play in some sort of wind conditions or things like that.  You're pretty used to it.  But there are definitely some holes out here where they're a lot more difficult when you get some crosswinds and some winds into you.  It was a nice finishing hole here, too.

Q.  When did the wind really start hitting you guys?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  The wind started really picking up probably right when I was turning, to the point to where it's like this.

Q.  One‑, two‑club wind?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  It just depends.  On this last hole, it was definitely a two‑, two‑and‑a‑half‑club wind, so it was gusting.

Q.  Even when the wind came up, you had to hold on to what you had, you didn't give it away.  How important was that?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  It was really nice to be in this position and be able to keep pushing to go lower and lower.  I've been in situations in the past where I'll have a really great round going and then I'll have a couple bogeys here and there.  I definitely have a lot of trust and confidence in my short game right now, so as I was turning into the front nine, and if I missed a couple greens, it didn't frazzle me because it was coming so easily on the front nine.  It was definitely a really good testament to where my game is headed for the rest of the year.

Q.  And having your husband on the bag, how was that on the course, and did it make a difference out here?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  It definitely‑‑ he was with me last week, and he caddied for me at final stage of Q‑school a couple years ago, so I think just our personalities, we handle it very well.  He's very calming for me, and we just have a lot of fun, especially being here.  I see him like checking out the ocean views, and I'm like, hey, right here.

Q.  Did you guys do anything special off the course this week, being in the Bahamas?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  We are going to do the lazy river today.  We're going to go do a lot of the fun slides.  I gambled for my first time in my life, and I'm up like $20, and that's about as much as I'm going to do.  I put 20 in and then I go from there.  Big spender.  I'm like the worst.  I would be the worst, if I would lose $20 I would just be in a foul mood probably.  It's been so much fun.  Yeah, I'm going to go enjoy some water parks, have a Bahama Mama and have a good night.

Q.  What did you win at?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  I was doing penny slots, the 30 cents‑‑ yeah, those blackjack tables, when you saw like the minimum was $10, I'm like, no, go somewhere else.

Q.  I'm surprised you found a $10 table.
BROOKE PANCAKE:  I think they're early, too, once it gets past like 5:00 they go up.  I wouldn't know, but‑‑

Q.  Still being early in the season, we all know about your big sponsorship, but what else were you working on in the off‑season?
BROOKE PANCAKE:  I worked a lot with‑‑ I did Vision 54, and my swing coach, I consult with Joe Hallett and my coach Nick Potter a lot, and I just worked a lot on my routines, and with Joe I'm really trying to get better impact position, so be a little bit more consistent out there.

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