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January 30, 2015

Danny Willett


Q.  Are you as satisfied as you ought to be after a round like that?
DANNY WILLETT:  Yeah, played good.  Obviously a little bit of a sour taste, three‑whacking from seven feet is not great; good chance at birdie, walk off with five.  But no, two good days of golf, and good position going into the weekend.

Q.  You got it going, birdie after birdie, chances out there?
DANNY WILLETT:  This morning the greens are a little bit better than the afternoon.  Obviously the wind is less.  Ball doesn't go quite as far early doors but there's definitely scores out there.  Me and Henrik for the front nine, I was 5‑under and behind him by one.  Definitely some scores out there, if the wind stays down, you'll see more this afternoon.

Q.  South Africa seems a little while ago but are you still flying as a result of it.
DANNY WILLETT:  Yeah, it is a long time ago.  Played Abu Dhabi; played nice, didn't get anything going.  Took a week off last week to get ready for this week and Malaysia.  Feelings are still pretty good.  Trying to get a few more tournaments under my belt and trying to stay sharp.

Q.  At the end of last year, you were looking forward to skydiving?
DANNY WILLETT:  I didn't go this year.  We were going to.  Today would have been perfect for it, as well.  No, I've done it once.  It's crossed off the bucket list.

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