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January 27, 2015

Sergio Garcia


NEIL AHERN:  Sergio, thanks very much for taking the time to come in here today.  Nice to be back at Emirates Golf Club.
SERGIO GARCIA:  Yes, definitely.  I think it's been a couple of years I want to say.  So yeah, I'm excited about it.  I haven't seen the course yet but practiced a little bit on the range and putting green.  It looks really, really good.  The greens are very fast, which is nice to see.
I heard some good comments from the course, too.  So should be a fun week.
NEIL AHERN:  How is your game feeling?  You had three consistent rounds and one not so consistent.
SERGIO GARCIA:  Nine holes, not so good.  Overall, I saw some good signs.  So hopefully I can bring those good feelings into this week and kind of get going as the year goes on.  So like I said, I'm excited about it and hoping for a really nice week here.

Q.  Stephen Gallacher has got a good record here, second, first, first.  Is there a golf course that you can recall that suits your eye, and how much confidence do you take when that is the case?
SERGIO GARCIA:  Yeah, I think it's never‑‑ nothing is a sure thing.  But I think that obviously on courses that you feel comfortable, it's easier to perform well.  For example, Qatar is a good example for me.  I've done quite well there.
I feel like on this course, I've done well, but I probably haven't got out of it as much as I should have.  I felt like I've been up there several times.  I felt like I've played fairly well but unfortunately things have not happened to me yet on this course.  So hopefully I'll be able to change that this week and have a good week and see if we can be there on Sunday.

Q.  Just talking to Henrik, talking about his scheduling this part of the year, it's quite difficult, wanting to come back and start the new season strong but also thinking about what's coming in April at Augusta.
SERGIO GARCIA:  It's not that easy to do.  I think that you probably kind of start a little bit slower into the year.  That's my feeling.  The years get quite long when we get to the summer, a lot of big tournaments always in a row there.
You know, I have my usual schedule, too, and then a couple weeks off, and that's what I felt has worked for me the best and that's what we have planned, if everything goes according to plan.

Q.  You are going to be playing the back nine this afternoon, walking the fairways with Rory; is there going to be a couple of flashbacks to Gleneagles?
SERGIO GARCIA:  I'm sure there will be yeah.  We had a great week there.  It was nice to kind of get better as the week went on in the matches that we played together, and you know, we get along very well.  So I always enjoy playing with him and you know, this afternoon is not going to be any different.

Q.  Spaniards have traditionally recently done very well here, Alvaro, Rafa, obviously Seve, José Maria from previous years.  How much would it mean to you to get your name on the trophy?  What do you think it takes?
SERGIO GARCIA:  Yeah, any time you get your name on a trophy, it's a great feeling.  It's one of the reasons why we love playing the game and why we practice so hard.
Obviously it's going to take a lot of good things.  I think Dubai has done a great job, and I feel like the field this year, it's probably the strongest it's been probably in the last three or four years.  You know, it's not going to be easy, but it's going to take a lot of patience, a lot of good golf and some good things happen here and there when you need them the most.  We'll see.

Q.  During your time off in December, I'm sure you reflected on your good season last year.  What were your conclusions and what are the hopes going forward?
SERGIO GARCIA:  I thought it was a very solid, very consistent year last year.  There's no doubt that if you look back at it or back on it, you can kind of think, you know, if I would have been a smidge luckier here and there, maybe I would have won, instead of once in The Ryder Cup, maybe I would have won three or four times.  But at the same time, for me, I've always said the important thing is to put myself in that situation.  If you're constantly up there with a chance of winning or around it, you're already proving yourself something.
That's kind of like the main goal, again, to keep getting better, to be as consistent as I was last year, which is not easy, but it can be done, and then see what we can do from there.

Q.  As we said, the most amount of winners have come from Spain.  What do you think it is about the Spanish game that you think suits this particular course?
SERGIO GARCIA:  I don't know.  I've got no idea.  I think that for some reason, it's just one of those things that happens.  I think we've had probably five Spanish winners, if I recall and it would be nice to make it six this week.  So we'll try to make sure that it also fits my game, too.

Q.  Talking about Spanish winners, Jiménez won on the Champions Tour.  Is there a battle between Jiménez and Darren Clarke for The Ryder Cup captaincy in your opinion?
SERGIO GARCIA:  I think so.  It looks like that.  Very impressive to see him do that after he just lost his mom early last week.  So for him to be able to go out there and play like he did, it was very impressive.
And then, yeah, I think those are the two big candidates for the captaincy, and I think we are all excited to see how it turns out.
NEIL AHERN: Thank you very much, Sergio.

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