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December 6, 2014

Danny Willett


Q.  Hugely satisfied man?
DANNY WILLETT:  Yeah, say Saturday is a moving day and for once we moved in the right direction, so yeah, really good.

Q.  That was blistering, wasn't it, to shoot a round like that in slightly awkward conditions?
DANNY WILLETT:  We were a little surprised when he came down the last and saw the big leaderboard and you see how the field spread today.  It was obviously still a lot of chances out there but as usual, they have tucked a few flags away and with the wind whipping around, there's a few holes that can bite you, and I guess it has a few people.  Luckily enough, we had some good numbers and hit some good golf shots.
We came out well.  We were swinging nice on the range, came out and made some really good moves the first few holes which setup some relatively simplish birdies and then it was nice, we kept pressing.  We didn't hold back and we just kind of stayed around average.  We really pressed on and finished really strong.

Q.  You did say you finished in the right direction on moving day.  I guess there have been some annoying times of late?
DANNY WILLETT:  The last few weeks, been playing some good golf, China, Turkey, Dubai, we played good and we have been in good positions, but it's not quite gone our way.  So can't really do anything about that I guess.  In Turkey we played great and in Dubai again, playing with Henrik on Saturday there, played good and just nothing really happened for us.

Q.  Thoughts into the final day?  Fun playing alongside Luke and Ross?
DANNY WILLETT:  Yeah, well be good.  I think 10‑ and 13‑under, so we are all in good position looking into the last day.  So we're just going to try and warm up well and try and play well.

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