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December 5, 2014

Danny Willett


Q.  Danny, pretty good position going into the weekend, you must be happy with your round today?
DANNY WILLETT:  Yeah, played really solid today.  Stayed really patient the front nine.  Hitting it quite nice and not really doing anything and then a few decided to drop on the back nine.  All and all, it's a good day.

Q.  Getting to grips on the course, any better thoughts about it than you've had in the past?
DANNY WILLETT:  No, just had the same game plan.  Playing it relatively aggressive off the tee to try and give yourself shorter clubs into these greens which can be relatively tricky and a lot of guys are laying back in places but these greens when you get the wind swirling around, they become quite small if you have longer clubs in.  No, we are just going to keep doing more of the same and hope that we can keep it going.

Q.  Very hot two days in a row.  Has that made the greens a little bit harder?
DANNY WILLETT:  They are firming up, but you need them to be a little bit firm around here otherwise everyone would be flying it close.  Just makes it that little bit more tricky.

Q.  How hot is it for an Englishman used to mid‑winter at this time of year?
DANNY WILLETT:  It's a little bit, it's still humid but better this than being cold.

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