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November 21, 2014

Danny Willett


Q.  What a great day for you, how impressed are you with that round that you put up?
DANNY WILLETT:  It was good.  Obviously got off to a really quick start.  Made some good golf shots.  Let a couple slip, but one of them days really, like yesterday.  We stayed patient.

Q.  You're in the mix heading into the weekend, and you had a nice start in Turkey, as well.  What do you need to do this weekend to maintain the pace that you've already set?
DANNY WILLETT:  Nothing different.  Obviously Saturdays and Sundays always feel that little bit more difficult when you're up there.  Just got to keep playing good golf and staying patient, that's the main thing, really.  You can't chase too much on this golf course because a couple little misses here and there can cost you.  You just have to stay patient, give yourself chances for birdie, and touch wood, you'll make a few.

Q.  I guess I just have to ask about 8‑under par at the halfway stage.  That's a nice continuation of Turkey, isn't it?
DANNY WILLETT:  That was good, playing some good golf.  Hit a lot of fairways, quite a few greens.  Last hole, hit it all right off the tee.  It's a tricky one off that forward tee, just kind of in the water but to get up‑and‑down from 250 is always nice.

Q.  Essentially you've been putting superbly, haven't you, considering some of those you were holing to get into contention in Turkey, and here so far.
DANNY WILLETT:  It's them mid‑range ones, really, 15‑foot to kind of 30‑foot.  I actually feel pretty good over them that week, kind of seeing the lines quite nicely.  You get in there too close and you can get a little bit twisted by a bit of the grain and it's a bit breezy.  When it's that length you hit it a good bit more and trust your first instinct.

Q.  I take it these greens are getting faster in the heat?
DANNY WILLETT:  They get a little bit faster.  Still they are rolling fantastic.  Flag positions have been tucked away, you get on the wrong side of them, you can get a few sneaky little chips and putts there.  Like I said just keep putting ourselves in the middle of the greens and maybe take a few.

Q.  Feeling fit, healthy and confident the way things are going?
DANNY WILLETT:  Yeah, the back's been good, touch wood, so far.  That's all we can keep doing.  Working out to try and keep it like that.

Q.  Any thoughts at this stage of the competition a winning score?
DANNY WILLETT:  Haven't got a clue.  Just going to try and go as low as possible out here.

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