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November 7, 2014

Camden Backel


Q.  What a week it has been for the high school senior from Madison Central.  Camden, what have the last couple of days been like for you?
CAMDEN BACKEL:  They've been so hectic, but I've enjoyed every minute of it.  It's been awesome being out here with these guys.  It's been an experience of a lifetime, honestly.  Very thankful for everything that's been out here for me to do and just thankful to God and my family and friends.  Not many people get to experience this.  It was so much fun.  I had a great time.

Q.  We talked earlier in the week.  You said you're going to learn, you're going to soak it all up.  What did you learn from these PGA TOUR players?
CAMDEN BACKEL:  A lot of management type things, like course management and stuff.  I mean, it was‑‑ it taught me a lot from that perspective, and it just taught me how to look at the game in a way that you just keep your head up, keep going, no matter how you're playing.
It was awesome out there.  It really was.  I had so many great experiences that I will never forget.

Q.  Where does your game stack up against them?  Obviously a very different level, but what are some of the things you take away personally that you can improve on?
CAMDEN BACKEL:  You know, I could definitely improve on a lot of things.  Not really sure right now.  My mind is still kind of running.  I'll definitely look at it, though.  But yeah, in some ways I can stack up to these guys, and others I obviously can't.  But they're much more experienced and gifted than I am now.  You know, I'm going to keep working.  I can't wait to go see all my friends now and tell them how it was, and my other family and tell them how it was.  It was so much fun.

Q.  Support here locally, friends, family, classmates, how did you deal with those emotions and getting excited to see it but realizing that you need to focus on what's going on inside the ropes?
CAMDEN BACKEL:  It almost kind of kept me more relaxed knowing that they were there.  You know, it was funny looking over at a couple of my high school teammates.  They're goofy.  They make to mess with me and say funny things, and they'd say some stuff and calm me down.  I would laugh and it would calm me down.
I think having a lot of my friends and family out here did help keep me on the right track and not get too caught up in what was really going on.

Q.  You told me earlier in the week this was a goal.  You achieved this goal, now moving forward, your high school senior year, for golf starting in the spring, how does that help you achieve other goals golf‑wise and beyond?
CAMDEN BACKEL:  It helps letting me know that I can do things that I can set my mind out to do.  I'll have goals in the future, and not sure what they are right now, but there's a couple that I am sure I want to get accomplished, and I'm going to do my best to accomplish those goals.

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