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September 27, 2014

Sergio Garcia Rory McIlroy


Q. A loss, two halves and now a win. How good does that feel?
RORY McILROY: Yeah, it's nice to put that first win on the board this week. We've had some great battles and even today was a good battle. We were able to get the best of Hunter and Jim there the last few holes. Just great to the putt a point on the board for Europe and edge us closer to trying to retain this Cup.

Q. Your 25th pairs match and you've only lost five. Explain that incredible record for me. What's behind it?
SERGIO GARCÍA: Well, I would love to take credit for it but I mean, I think Rory beat three guys today in foursomes. It's not easy to do. I was not at my best, but he calmed me down a lot. I started a little bit nervous. I think the two putts I made on 6 and 7, I think it was, or 6 and 8, they were important for me to calm myself down a little bit, and then I started playing a little bit better, but he played amazing.

RORY McILROY: I've been very lucky with my partners over the years: G-Mac is obviously a close friend of mine, and then Poults and who I teamed up with again today, and obviously this man three times this week. I couldn't have picked better partners and he's awesome just to be around and to play with. Yeah, hopefully we can renew our partnership in a couple years' time.
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