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September 11, 2014

Sergio Garcia


Q.  Birdieing your last two of four holes to finish 1‑under par.  Two off the lead.  Talk about your round.
SERGIO GARCIA:  First, obviously greens are firm.  And if you miss the fairway, you're starting to hole the greens.  But I feel very much very, very tired.
Looking forward to finishing this week and taking a nice little rest back in Europe until the Ryder Cup.

Q.  You and I have talked often this season, because you've put yourself in contention, week after week, three runner‑up finishes, couple of third places.  Tied for fourth last week.  Your game is exactly where it needs to be.  Do you feel like you're right where you want to be to walk through and go (indiscernible)?
SERGIO GARCIA:  I would love to be feeling a little bit more energetic.  I think my game is in good shape, but I think like mentally I feel like I'm a little tired.
It's been a long summer.  And when you‑‑ I mean, I'm not complaining.  But when you play well and you're up there (indiscernible) more than nothing that was.
But hopefully we'll have bigger rounds and see if we can put ourselves in the situation to try to win again and do a little better.

Q.  Like you said, this is a tough track.  You're not going to see a ton of low numbers, what we've seen so far on Thursday, but for you what's going to be the key to get this where you want it going?
SERGIO GARCIA:  Looks like some better weather coming tomorrow.  If it rains, makes the course tough, you will see more birdies.  And the game will be a little more (indiscernible) but if it doesn't rain and stays firm like it was today, it is a very challenging golf course.
So it doesn't give you a lot of chances.  The greens are very fast.  You can have some play it fast.  And overall I think it's a great track.

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