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September 7, 2014

Sergio Garcia


Q. I know it's not the ending you want, but another solid week for you here in the playoffs.
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, it's really disappointing, obviously, with 17. But, it's what happens when you're not just mentally sharp. If I was mentally sharp, if I was rested, and really, the way I was at the beginning and middle of the year, I would have talked myself into going for the green. But, for some reason I was trying to, but I couldn't. Then just a mistake after another mistake. But, it's what it is. It's going to happen more times, I'm sure. But, at least if I'm up there, that's what is important.

Q. The TOUR Championship and the Ryder Cup, how do you get rested?
SERGIO GARCIA: We have one week. It would be nice to relax. Obviously, the Ryder Cup is special, and it always brings everything out of you. So, I'm sure that will be -- I'll be ready for that. But, next week is going to be tough to play another week. Just looking forward to going back to Europe, kind of resting a little bit and hopefully, I'll have a good Ryder Cup.

Q. Still all in all you got to feel pretty good about the way your game's going right now going into the last week of the season?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, for sure. Obviously, there's a couple things here and there that happened that I would love to do a little bit better. But it's been a long year, a lot of tournaments. Fortunately, a lot of tournaments out there and that also take as little bit out of you. But I can't be disappointed with it.
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