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August 7, 2014

Sergio Garcia


Q.  Tell us about your round today.
SERGIO GARCIA:  The course is definitely firming up.  I think it was a little bit of breeze out there.  The ball was going miles this afternoon.  It was difficult to get some of the distances right.
The greens definitely firmed up throughout the day.  They were a crunchy, a little bit spikey here and there.  So it wasn't easy to roll of some of the putts.  I felt like the course played quite nicely.
I would have loved to play a little bit better, but at the end of the day, 1‑under is not a bad score.

Q.  How were the pin placements?
SERGIO GARCIA:  There were some good pin positions.  Obviously, you could get to some of them, but you had to be in fairway and then obviously you had to get the distances perfect.  There were some really nice pin positions out there, quite tough, and then there were a couple others that you could be a bit more aggressive with.

Q.  (Inaudible)?
SERGIO GARCIA:  Well, if it rains obviously is going to make everything a little bit easier.  Hopefully it won't because I think this is the way a major should be played and hopefully we'll get lucky, like we did today, and see if we can play it the way it's been playing all week.

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