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August 2, 2014

Sergio Garcia


Q.  Sergio, you haven't had a top ten here since you were a teenager, and now you're playing like you own the place.  What happened?
SERGIO GARCIA:  I don't know.  I just, obviously, nice to have played well for the first three rounds.  I'm excited about it.
It's a course I like, but it's not an easy course.  You have to feel comfortable.  Some years you come here a little bit off, and you don't feel comfortable.  Some of the years, you come a little bit with a little bit of confidence, and you can‑‑ you can get it going because the greens are really, really good.
If you hit good shots, the greens are not too big.  So you always feel like you have possible birdie chances.  So I've been able to do that quite well this year.

Q.  Just a few minutes ago, Rory was asked about your play, and he said that he felt like you were in a good place in your life and very emotionally stable and that that was really showing up now on the golf course.  Can you expound on that?
SERGIO GARCIA:  Yeah, I would say so.  Obviously, Rory and I are good friends, and we talk quite a bit in there.
So he knows what I went through.  I know what he went through.  And I think‑‑ I would say we're both feeling quite good about ourselves at the moment.  We both feel quite comfortable where we are and quite happy.
So thanks to that, I think we're both playing well.

Q.  Kind of nice to have him in the same group this time as compared to two weeks ago?
SERGIO GARCIA:  Excuse me?

Q.  Rory, to have him in the same group, to go at it together.
SERGIO GARCIA:  Yeah, it is.  Obviously, he's a wonderful player.  But it's nice to play with someone that you like, someone that you enjoy being with.
At the end of the day, it's all about, hopefully, playing well tomorrow and see who can come out on top.
We're still going to have a tough day to get through, and we'll see what we're able to do.

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