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June 27, 2014

Danny Willett


Q.  What's your reflections on the second round?
DANNY WILLETT:  12‑under, great score for two days.  Shoulder was good early on.  Just said to John, I completely forgot to take any pills after nine holes, and I could feel it the last couple.  Nothing silly but you can just feel it.  The only thing you can do is laugh.  It's not something that happens very often.  It's one of those things‑‑ flew the water and got up‑and‑down and made a good par.

Q.  Injuries are something that you're used to, sadly, but you know how to manage them.
DANNY WILLETT:  It was a very early one and trying to heat up the neck and get it going.  But played good again.  There was one mishap on the first green that I missed in two days.  I've been playing some good golf.  So going to get rubbed down and get lunch and relax.
Today was frustrating.  Hit it quite nice today and we had a few spells where we hit it ten, 15 feet.  Had a really strong back nine and could have had a stale round but really kept it together and came out with a good score.

Q.  Does it represent when you have Rafa Cabrera‑Bello alongside you and it's nip and tuck all the way.
DANNY WILLETT:  Obviously you can see people making up ground and stuff and making birdies.  But at the same time, every now and again, it gets frustrating that you're not quite doing it, as well.
But we've featured well the first two days, obviously two identical scores.  It's been a good three ball for two days.

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