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May 8, 2019

Remi Garde

Harrison, New Jersey

New York Red Bulls - 1, Montreal Impact - 2

Q. General thoughts on the game and how you came back in the second half?
RÉMI GARDE: I think overall, it's a very good game, a collective one from all the team. I think that we were disappointed to come back at halftime 1-0 down. I think it didn't reflect the first 45 minutes, and we had a strong desire to come back from out of this game with at least one point, and I have to say that the second half, the boys have been fantastic.

The spirit, the team spirit, has been very high, and on the side of the game, the tactical side, I think that we give them a lot of problem, and I'm proud of the way my players answer to these questions.

Q. With the next game in three days, would you be tempted to use the same tactic?
RÉMI GARDE: Why not? You know, we have to see who will be fit for the next game. It's coming very shortly. We will see who we carry on on this tactic or if we have to change again.

Q. A question about the veterans of the team. How important is it to have players that have that much experience on the roster?
RÉMI GARDE: Yeah, you are right, Bacary and some others, but Bacary is very important because he is not only a very good player, football player, but he is also a guy who all the locker room respect him. He's a guy that the way he behaves, the way he trains, he's such a high professional in his life and the way he train every day that it's a very, very good example for the younger ones and I'm very happy to rely on him for this season again.

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