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October 6, 2018

Bill Snyder

Waco, Texas

Kansas State - 34, Baylor - 37

Q. Obviously a losing effort but heck of a game for the offensive line blocking the run. How do you think about those guys today?
HEAD COACH BILL SNYDER: I don't think it was a losing effort. We lost the ballgame, but I thought the effort was good. I don't fault our players for lack of effort.

Alex played like Alex does. He's a very competitive guy and runs extremely hard and gets a lot of that yards after contact yardage, and comes back for more. Just very happy.

Q. What's going through your mind on that final defensive possession down the stretch when Baylor had the ball in the final minutes?
HEAD COACH BILL SNYDER: Well, whether or not to utilize the time out. What's going on in my mind is we need to stop them. We need to get the brakes put on and we get the penalty and the penalty puts them in field goal range.

The intent was, pregame he kicked the ball -- snapped from the 33-yard line so he was hitting right at 50 yards and that was probably as good as he was going to get, and that was the intent was hopefully that we could not let him get much beyond the 33-yard line but the penalty took care of that. It was a matter of trying could keep him out and see if we could pressure him enough.

He had missed earlier field goal attempts and struggled a little bit but I give him credit. It was a pressure-pressure kick more so than any of the others and put it where it needed to be.

Q. How tough a day was it for the defense?
HEAD COACH BILL SNYDER: Well, you know, it's hard. I appreciate them and admire them because you've got guys going down left and right and somebody steps in and plays. We gave up a lot of yardage but when you go back and look at it, you know, for the most part, except later in the game, we did a pretty nice job of -- gave up a lot of yardage but did a pretty nice job of keeping them out of the end zone in the first three quarters. That one touchdown that they got, that was the boggle we had on the kickoff return.

Q. Do you feel like you guys maybe did a few things in the second half that might have kind of beaten yourself a little bit, fumbling on the kickoff, a couple unnecessary roughness hits; how do you evaluate those types of plays?
HEAD COACH BILL SNYDER: In any ballgame, minimal number of mistakes probably gives you a better chance to win. When you make mistakes that are costly, and today was no exception to that.

Q. Did you get any kind of explanation on the kickoff return fumble from the official?
HEAD COACH BILL SNYDER: Yes, I mean, they replayed it and indicated that it was a fumble. I just saw what's on the scoreboard, like everybody else does, and you know, elbow hit, ball came out. They had to define whether it came out first or not, and I didn't -- they didn't replay it, so I don't know. I wouldn't -- they looked at it, so I'm not going to question their call.

Q. How would you assess Skylar's game? Obviously a couple picks but he does have a couple touchdowns that keep you in the game and give you the lead. Initial thoughts on how he graded out?
HEAD COACH BILL SNYDER: I don't know how he graded out. I have to look at the videotape. He'd like to have some snaps back but he also did some good things. So I think he played okay. Could have played better but did some very, very fine things in certain situations. Led some drives.

Did a nice job with a couple of drives, particularly two that we hit early in the ballgame, and he had a few throws that just maybe a couple yards short and maybe half a play, but that's nitpicking. When we're talking about throwing the ball 55 yards downfield, you talk about three or four feet, nobody has control over that.

Q. It seemed a little bit like a theme, but just coming up a little bit short in each game so far, is that the defining line for this team right now?
HEAD COACH BILL SNYDER: Well, I'm not sure what -- you know, what that would signify. I don't think it's a trademark of this football team that we just come up short. There's a lot of things that enter into it, and that's true every single game.

I couldn't put a tag on our football team, except they can't win close ballgames, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Q. How do you swallow getting off to an 0-3 start in conference play?
HEAD COACH BILL SNYDER: Just drink more water. That's what my doctor tells me.

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