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September 8, 2018

Mike Schultz

Lubbock, Texas

Texas Tech - 77, Lamar - 0

Q. Talk a little bit about Texas Tech, what you saw out of this team.
MIKE SCHULTZ: Yeah, they're a great fast break team. They're big, strong, physical, fast, and they did a great job. They had a great plan coming in. They executed it. We've just got to get better.

Q. Talk about what you saw from your team today. Is there anything that you take from this game?
MIKE SCHULTZ: Well, I think we kept playing hard. I don't think we ever stopped playing hard. You know, the defense was out there just way too long. They wore out, they got tired. They were just out there way too long. We can't put them in that position offensively. Offensively we've got to execute better, we've got to make plays. We've got to target better. What I call target, which means basically fitting blocks. We've just got to do a better job in that area, and again, I give a lot of credit to Texas Tech. They were big, they were strong, they were physical inside. They moved inside, and we struggled when they moved.

Q. Talk a little bit now about your offensive line; how did that line up against the Texas Tech defense?
MIKE SCHULTZ: Well, not real well. I mean, Texas Tech is a great fast break team, and they had a lot of -- nine returners on that defense, so there was a lot of experience there that they had that they were playing with. They did some things that gave us some problems at the beginning of the game when they were moving up front. Their big guys inside were moving, and that really created a problem for us. We'll have to go back in, get to work on it and do a better job.

Q. Talk about the injuries.
MIKE SCHULTZ: You know, we got a bunch of kids hurt. I don't know, we won't know officially on that until probably later on this week or probably early part of the week, somewhere around Monday. You know, I've heard some initial reports that are not good, but with some of them, I think we'll get some kids back. A bunch of kids left the game today.

Q. Obviously now the season takes on another level. Non-conference is done. Talk a little bit about Northwestern --
MIKE SCHULTZ: Well, I'm not sure if they've played yet today or not. They're just underway? Well, they played A&M extremely competitive at times. You know, they're a good team. They got some transfers in at sever that is going to make them really tough. We've just got to go back and get to work. I thought our defense at times played well. I just think our defense wore out. I just think they wore out. They just played too many snaps, and they got tired and wore out.

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