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September 8, 2018

Bob Chesney

Boston, Massachusetts

Holy Cross - 14, Boston College - 62

BOB CHESNEY: A very good football team, one that we don't necessarily see the likes of. They did a great job. That runningback is something special. I wish him the best. What a future, but also just his speed, the strength, he's just great. They did a very good job. Coached well. They all played well. A little bit too much for us.

Q. (No microphone.)
BOB CHESNEY: I think we shot ourselves in the foot a little bit here and there. We have to make some tackles, throw a couple balls when they're open. There's things we can't hold back, expect to hang in there with a team like that, not give everything we got.

They do a great job in the run game, which sets up the pass game. All three of them, however many were in there (indiscernible)

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