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August 7, 2018

Anthony Brown

Boston, Massachusetts

Q. When you did come back, you were ready to hit the ground running?
ANTHONY BROWN: It helps you mentally developing a lot of knowledge of the game, looking at everything from a coach's perspective. I wasn't able to physically whip out any of the plays. Gaining that mental practice helped me to manage and develop for the season.

I feel like it's only going to get better.

Q. What about the physical limitations, maybe not the right word, married how your handling it mentally, but there's going to be the point of contact, what do you know about that? What do you anticipate as that moment comes?
ANTHONY BROWN: I can't really worry about it right now because just getting back to the speed of everything is more important to me right now. When that point comes, it will just happen. I'm not really focused on it right now because when it happens, it's going to happen. It's going to be the least of my worries at that time, so...

Q. Talk about this guy a little bit. How much of a security blanket is he for you?
ANTHONY BROWN: AJ Dillon, he's a great kid. He's a great back. He's a very huge catalyst in our offense. It's amazing having him because it takes a lot of pressure off a lot of people.

When I know I can hand the ball off, we can easily get from 5 to 70 or 80 yards, takes a lot of pressure off of me, takes a lot of pressure off the coaches. If I throw game, it helps us 10 times more. If I fake a handoff to him, everybody is coming down.

He's a huge part to this team. He's actually growing as a leader. It's nice to see him grow up and mature for this team because that's what we need. We need more than one leader, three leaders. It's nice to see that he's so young and taking it on and developing.

Q. We saw Tom Brady had been at the facility. Share with us what type of insight a guy like that can provide for you, how helpful that can be.
ANTHONY BROWN: He can provide anything I need because he's been through it all, he's been in the next level for 16, 17 years. It's just so much that he's been through already that I have yet to experience.

He can provide so much information for me and insight. So basically he just gave me some words of advice and motivation for this upcoming pre-season and for the season. I'm just still working through it.

Q. Did he tell you anything about coming back from the injury?
ANTHONY BROWN: Yeah, basically it was more of a worry about the things you can control because if you can't control, like, anything that's going on inside of your knee, why worry about it. The more you worry about that, the less focus you are having of helping your team get better. That was really, really motivational.

Q. What is it like when you can get into a rhythm like against Virginia and maybe this season?
ANTHONY BROWN: It's fun getting in a rhythm like that. Very exciting to play fast and efficient. Just getting into the rhythm, it will take more preparation, more time, more practice. Everything I need for myself to be more consistent, more efficient, to help my team.

Q. (Question about throwing deeper passes.)
ANTHONY BROWN: We all hope to continue to do different things, more things. It's going to be an expanding season, so yeah.

Q. I read that this is your first time missing any games since five. How did that affect your recovery process?
ANTHONY BROWN: I was just very, very eager to do anything I could, from working out to running to throwing a football. I never stopped throwing a football because I can't lose that touch.

It was kind of hard because it's different, not being able to contribute on the field. When I didn't have that, it was just more of maturing mentally. It was kind of difficult at first. But just being eager to know there's a timetable on everything, I can get back to certain points as I build and grow, it was fun, a great process. Now I'm back in camp, so I'm happy.

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