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August 7, 2018

Anthony Campanile

Boston, Massachusetts

ANTHONY CAMPANILE: I think coach probably overstated the case there. He said when I got moved into that position, I already set a record as the ugliest defensive coordinator in the history of Boston College. Just kidding.

Q. Could you comment on the leadership of the two safeties.
ANTHONY CAMPANILE: Sure. I think both Lukas and Will, I've said this almost ad nauseam, but they're both really, really extremely bright guys. They have an incredibly high football IQ, as well. They've just been tremendous from a leadership perspective. I think that's kind of carried on all the way since before I was here, whether it be Justin Simmons, then John Johnson my first year here, Kamrin Moore, Isaac, there's been a great legacy of older players helping younger players.

They do a tremendous job with that. Our young guys right now are benefitting every day from being around them. They have totally bought into everything that Coach Reid talk about here over the last three years, about being a selfless player, being a high-character person, the toughness. That stuff still does either matter, it's important to those guys. They are BC men in every way. They're special people, both those guys.

Q. Talk about some of the guys behind Will and Lukas.
(Microphone interruption.)

ANTHONY CAMPANILE: -- his football intelligence has really kind of shown through right now. Everybody is kind of looking at him through his time here, really a guy that's a great athlete, kind of coming into his own. I think he's going to have a great year, make a great jump this year for us.

Tate Haynes has come on. Moving from quarterback has made a lot of progress. The benefit now of these guys being able to be here in the summer, talk football amongst each other, work technique on the field together, they've done a tremendous, tremendous job with that as a unit, helping one another.

I think Hamp is a guy, like I said, whose athletic ability, that's one thing, but he's a bright, bright football player.

Q. When you have two guys like Kam and Isaac, how did you transition with them being gone?
ANTHONY CAMPANILE: Like I said, I just think it's been a great legacy. It's kind of interesting because our room right now has, like I said, kind of created an environment where people think they're going to play football at the highest level. That's what we want. We want guys to be supremely confident, play with a swagger, but have a humbleness that you would expect a BC man to have.

That's been a great thing. Obviously for me coaching guys who are tremendous athletes, but I know these guys are going to do well at the next level. I know Kam and Ike are going to do really well. I can say the same for John, Lukas and Will because they love to study, they love football, they love to work on it. They're just great teammates, great leaders. You can't coach better guys than these guys.

Like I said, they've bought into everything that Coach Reid has talked about over the last three years. They're just perfect guys to coach.

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