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November 11, 2017

Lane Kiffin

Ruston, Louisiana

Florida Atlantic - 48, Louisiana Tech - 23

Q. What does it mean for the players and the coaching staff to be able to get six consecutive wins, a school record?
LANE KIFFIN: Well, I didn't know that, but I didn't know there was 17 years without a kickoff return, either, until the last interview. You know, it's really enjoyable to watch these kids because they've worked really hard, not just when I got here, they worked hard before. The last coaching staff left us some really good players and some great work ethic. I'm just excited, as I said, we've been to a lot of bowl games and coaches, all that stuff. I'm just excited they're getting to do these things, and they're getting national recognition for their work.

Q. It seemed like two touchdowns in the first half were -- you were using the aggressiveness of the Tech defense against them with the little flea flicker play and also the fake screen for the touchdown. Was that something you saw coming into the game or a byproduct of what they were doing that you saw in the first half?
LANE KIFFIN: That was really -- I just felt that even if we missed them, we had to do that because everyone is just playing us down like this because of our run game. And these guys did exactly what we thought. They played man on us every snap in the first half with an extra guy in the box, so felt that if we took these and hit them -- but even if you miss them at least then they've got to back up a little bit and you can run the ball a little better later, which is what we did.

Q. Usually you're dependent on Singletary, but I thought Driskel really did a good job, especially on those two touchdown passes, but not only that, there were some other good balls he threw. Could you talk about his play tonight?
LANE KIFFIN: Yeah, he was 14 of 17. Really Kalib should have caught that one to make it 15 of 17 for a lot of yards. We need that because it's not about one game. You've got to look at your program as a whole; if you're going to be a championship program, you've got to get rid of your flaws as you go because they're going to come up. We're going to keep playing good teams and better teams, and if you go to Conference Championship and bowl game and those things, they're going to get better, so you need to get rid of those, so today was really good to be able to do that, get rid of the passing issue that we've had lately.

Q. Al-Shaair on the defensive side, two solos, another four assists. A sack, a tackle for a loss, pass breakup. Talk about the job he did and really just the defense as a whole?
LANE KIFFIN: Yeah, so he had 14 tackles, like I said, in three quarters. He really didn't play the fourth quarter. Tremendous player. We played our worst game of the year at Buffalo, which is the last time we played them we lost, and he did not play in the game, so I think that shows you his impact.

Q. Kerrith Whyte, the first kickoff return in school history. Could you just talk about that?
LANE KIFFIN: Yeah, it really was a great play by him. We didn't block a guy and the guy was right there, so that's not coaching, that's recruiting.

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