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November 10, 2017

Jake Browning

Stanford, California

Stanford - 30, Washington - 22

Q. Did Stanford do anything that surprised you at all on defense?
JAKE BROWNING: No, they pretty much ran their stuff and I don't think they really did anything different than what they have been doing for a long time.

Q. You had that one last chance to tie the game. Did you feel pretty confident you were going to do that?
JAKE BROWNING: Yeah, absolutely. I felt good about it and when we got the big run and the holding kind of killed us. And then me taking the sack, you can't go backwards in clutch situations and get in fourth and 16. Then I got to throw it up and I don't think that I can go run for it, but we'll have to see the film.

Q. What do you think changed after you guys score your first couple possessions, got the 14 points and then kind of offense kind of stalled. Did they do anything differently defensively?
JAKE BROWNING: No, like I said, they have kind of been doing the same defense for, I don't even know how many years, before I even came here. So I think they kind of did their same thing and we just had a couple misfiring or mis-executions, but all that being said, we'll have to see the film and see what happened. It's hard to tell right after the game with I'm pretty concerned with doing my job instead of trying to figure out why we're stalling, just doing my job.

Q. You guys were up 14-7, were rolling a little bit there, you had a chance to maybe add some more. Do you feel like you maybe left some points on the board there in the first half?
JAKE BROWNING: Yes, absolutely.

Q. What are the emotions here? Obviously frustration. Two games left.
JAKE BROWNING: Like I said, we're going to find out who is going to rally and who is going to turn over and die and who is going to come back and fight harder. We like to say we're a team that bounces back harder, but we'll see. Enough talking about it, now we got to be about it.

Q. Going against a team like Stanford, you're facing, looking at limited possessions, did that change anything especially when it came down the stretch in the fourth quarter?
JAKE BROWNING: They hold on to the ball for a long time and it's no secret, that's kind of what they do, so I think you got to make your possession counts all the time, but especially against them. And we had the first three and out in the first half or out of the second half the first drive and then just misfired on a couple things. I know there's some things I could have done better too.

Q. (No microphone.)
JAKE BROWNING: Yeah, I think everyone wants to take a dump on the PAC-12, but there's obviously anybody can beat anybody and that's just kind of how it is here. You go to away games, you better be ready to go.

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