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November 10, 2017

Kieshawn Bierria

Stanford, California

Stanford - 30, Washington - 22

KIESHAWN BIERRIA: That's just what we do. We just got to work harder. You can't take nothing lightly here. They definitely got the better of us tonight.

Q. What's your explanation for third downs, it was pretty traumatic.
KIESHAWN BIERRIA: So, basically they just, they were just plays. They knew exactly what defenses we were in and they just knew what type of play to make on the ball. They made quick decisions and they just converted.

Q. Everybody talks about two losses and what it means in the current playoff era. How do you guys stop this from being a letdown and understanding that there is still a season to have, it just may not end up with you guys going in the football playoff like you had wanted.
KIESHAWN BIERRIA: Yeah, so ultimately that's a goal for every team, but we understand even if we did win out there was a possibility that we weren't going to be picked for the playoffs. The only thing that's promised is the game. Going into this game that's the only thing we looked at was beating Stanford. We can't think about what's going to happen three weeks down the line. Maybe some things happen and two wins maybe, maybe, I don't know. I don't get to make those decisions. Me as a player, I just get to play. And me and my team, all we get to do is get to play. So our job is just to play. We can't worry about the college playoffs, we got to worry about the next game.

Q. Costello surprise you at all what he was able to do with his arm?
KIESHAWN BIERRIA: No, we knew they had big powerful quarterbacks, we knew they all could throw the ball pretty well. We just didn't know who they were going to go with. But everything they hit us with we worked on. They just made some good plays tonight.

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