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September 9, 2017

Anu Solomon

Waco, Texas

UTSA - 17, Baylor - 10

Q. Seemed like you guys were getting things going but once you cut across the 50, you got in the red zone, just kind of shot yourselves in the foot?
ANU SOLOMON: Yeah, just things wasn't just going my way.

Q. So what do you think you could have done better then? If you say, it's all on me, what could you have done better then?
ANU SOLOMON: Everything -- to my reads, to my throws downfield. I wasn't connecting. Receivers were ready to play today. I just wasn't connecting with them.

Q. Do you still feel confident as a starter?
ANU SOLOMON: I felt confident to compete. But it is what it is.

Q. What was your teammates' reaction to you tonight after the game?
ANU SOLOMON: Supportive. Bringing me up. I mean, there is some -- I mean, it is what it is. I know I didn't step up. I know I didn't play today. But at the end of the day that's just on me.

Q. Coach Rhule talked about he'll never quit on you guys. What does that mean to you guys knowing that you have a head coach that's going to stick with you guys through thick and thin?
ANU SOLOMON: I mean, he's a man of his word. He'll never quit on us and we'll never quit on him.

Q. Were you happy with the way that you guys prepared going into this game?
ANU SOLOMON: Of course. I thought we had a great practice. Just things wasn't going my way.

Q. How do you plan on fixing your way then for Duke?
ANU SOLOMON: Getting back in the film room. Stay after practice and continue to work.

Q. Is there any positives you can take away from tonight to kind of tie up loose ends and fix them in practice this week?
ANU SOLOMON: Our defense did great.

Q. What was UTSA doing to kind of take away those north/south plays that you all had?
ANU SOLOMON: I just felt like they knew what was coming. They just played 10 yards off. (Indiscernible) and make a play.

Q. How do you not let these two tough losses affect you moving forward? What do you take away from them, how do you keep positive and focus on the game ahead instead of the two behind you?
ANU SOLOMON: Don't look back. Just continue to move forward. Grind. Watch film. Just ignore all the outside noise.

Q. What's the mindset in the locker room right now?
ANU SOLOMON: We want to win.

Q. What do you want the fans to know about what you and the guys talk about?
ANU SOLOMON: I mean, we want to win as much as the fans want us to win. We are working. We are grinding. And we're going to continue to fight.

Q. Do you think maybe as an offense y'all got a bit panicked in the second half, and maybe tried to go for the home run play as opposed to maybe a 10- or 12-yarder just to keep the chains going?
ANU SOLOMON: Things were there. It's just I wasn't connecting at all.

Q. Coach Rhule was talking about the process and how he's done this process with other teams and they've eventually found success. Is it tough to follow through and still believe -- do you find yourself struggling to believe in the process after losses like this?
ANU SOLOMON: Not at all. There will always be setbacks and disappointments in the process. You just gotta continue to grind and trust it.

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